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Resolver Inc. Announces New Features Built for Agile GRC

Resolver’s 3.6 release improves the ability of GRC teams to understand and react to change with agility and confidence.

Resolver Inc., the leader in Risk Intelligence Software, is excited to announce new features to its robust cloud-based GRC management software with its 3.6 release. Together, these additional features will increase the agility of GRC teams by making it easy for them to identify, ingest, and manage the response to regulatory, risk, and control changes quickly and accurately.


When it comes to Governance, Risk Management, Compliance—what we call GRC—organizations take a variety of approaches. Too often, GRC is a bottom-up effort from the depths of operations and not a top-down initiative linked to the organization’s strategy, performance, and objectives. The modern organization needs to be agile, not just resilient. GRC, done properly, enables the enterprise to move quickly, seize opportunities, and outperform its competitors in today’s environment.


“Thinking about big companies having to comply with new mandates does not typically generate much sympathy, however, at the receiving end of these regulatory changes is always a person. Not a company with infinite resources, but often one or two people who are responsible for monitoring all this change and making sure the business stays compliant,” says Joe Crampton, Vice-President, Product, Resolver Inc. “This can be an enormous burden. The sheer volume of changes to rules and regulations has skyrocketed, and whether the change is big or small, someone needs to review the change to understand if they need to act.”


In this release, Resolver is improving the ability of GRC teams to understand and react to change through the release of three features: Regulatory Library Notifications, Change History & Push to Assessments.


With Regulatory Library Notifications, regulatory changes will be automatically added to the client’s regulatory library each night. When a change occurs, the client will receive an email that covers the details of the change, include the ability for the user to mark the change as material and identify if the change requires a re-assessment to take place.


With Push to Assessments, when a change is made to a customer’s risk, control, or regulatory library, they now have the tools to push that change to all applicable assessments. This eliminates the need for repeated manual entry, saving time and reducing the opportunity for input error.


With the Change History feature, users can view the history of any object within the Resolver platform. They can see the details of any change made to the object, who made the change, and when the change was made. Access to object history can be controlled by the administrator.


“With version 3.6 we’ve made the process of adapting to new regulations and risk much easier. We deliver all the changes the organization must comply with, we highlight the specific words or sentences that have changed, and we provide a single button to roll out that change across their organization. For the hard-working compliance professional this is a game-changer,” says Crampton.


Learn more about Resolver’s GRC Agility solutions at their webinar: The Role of GRC in Enabling Enterprise Agility, featuring Michael Rasmussen of GRC2020.


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