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Vladimir Kush Unveils His New Painting ‘Key to Knowledge

World-renowned artist Vladimir Kush unveiled his latest painting “Key to Knowledge” (Oil on Board 12″x20″) in his gallery Kush Fine Art located inside the Forum Shops at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada. The new artwork is also available on a limited-edition (188) print on canvas (12″x20″).

Kush explains the description and meaning behind his painting, which was written by his father Oleg Kush after the artist completed his new masterpiece.


1) Book as a “key to knowledge”

Books were always invaluable sources of learning accumulated over the centuries and surviving right down to the present day. What do we know about the culture of ancient Greece? Turn to the Odyssey and Iliad of Homer!

2) Book as a “ray of light in the darkness of ignorance”

Through reading books, we cultivate our outlook on life, train our imagination, broaden and deepen our perception of the world.

3) Pages of a book as “days of our life”

An all-time classic — the “life story” of Robinson Crusoe and his strange and surprising adventures — tells us about the main character’s survival after a shipwreck and spending over twenty years alone on a desert island.

4) Written and spoken word as compared in the following Russian and Latin sayings:

Littera scripta manet — The written word endures

Et semel emissum volat irrevocabile verbum — And a word once uttered flies away never to be recalled (Horace)

Verba volant, scripta manent — What is spoken flies, what is written never dies

Что написано пером, того не вырубишь топором — What the pen has incised no axe can excise

Kush Fine Art Galleries are one-of-a-kind art destinations for anyone who maintains imagination, intellect, and exquisite taste for all genres of art. Visitors to KFA will embark on a Metaphorical Voyage into a world of the unknown to a place where they only have to start noticing around them, and the miracle of connection is everywhere

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