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What they don’t tell you about free apps

We make no bones about it. We love anything that’s free, there’s no surprise there. But is anything really for free these days? Lots of Android apps? Well, it seems not: a study has revealed the hidden costs behind free apps.

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Here’s why I’ve been using Google Maps all wrong

I’ve been using the Google Maps app for Android all wrong. For years I put in my destination and then went from one address to another using its built in navigational capabilities. Why is this wrong? Find out, along with what I did to make my Maps experience awesome.

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5 tips and tricks to make Waze your best co-pilot

Waze is one of the most popular driving apps today. Why? Because Waze chooses the best route for your trip based on distance, but also on current road traffic conditions, thanks to the information provided by its community. It’ll allow you how to avoid unexpected congestion and save time. So here are five Waze features for you to (re)discover, in order to make Waze your best co-pilot.

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How to free up space in your Google Account

Tired of being warned by Google Photos, Gmail, or Google Drive that you are running out of storage space in your Google Account? Learn how to find trash, spam, and big files that can be deleted to free up some space and avoid having your incoming mail blocked by Google.

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How to master Spotify queues and create custom mixtapes in a minute

Spotify queues have been around for quite some time, but few people actually know and use the intuitive feature, resorting to Playlists instead. But meticulously curating a Playlist for every different mood is a tedious task, so for today’s coffee break, I will show you some tricks to modify and clear your Spotify queue to perfectly match every vibe.

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Hey Siri | How to change the voice of Apple’s virtual assistant

It sounds basic, but many people have no idea that they can change Siri’s voice. Since last year, Apple no longer offers a default setting of its Apple virtual assistant for female or male voice, in a move to generate awareness around bias in voice interfaces. So today I’ll show you how quick it is to change Siri’s voice and other tricks.

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