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Jeffrey Summers’ new book ‘Drum Roll Please: How Playing Drums Saved My Life’ is a reflection

Drum Roll Please: How Playing Drums Saved My Life" from Newman Springs Publishing author Jeffrey Summers is an observation of time and memory as told through the eyes of a drummer.

Jeffrey Summers, a husband, father, and former firefighter, has completed his new book “Drum Roll Please: How Playing Drums Saved My Life”: a journey exploring the greatest gift Summers ever received.


Summers says about his new book, “I began writing this book as a journey back in time and soon realized it was a story worth sharing with the world. After three long years of writing and reliving some very painful memories, now the book is complete for all the world to read. Writing this book was the most liberating experience for me. I learned so much about myself, and most of all, I became one with my instrument.”


Published by Newman Springs Publishing, Jeffrey Summers’ intimate tale brings the reader along on the journey that led to Summers gaining his lifelong ties to drumming. Summers always felt like a drummer in his soul, and soon after discovering this love, he applied all his knowledge about drumming to his life outside of music and found the two are almost completely connected. He allowed his drumming to inform the relationships around him and found it was improving his outlook on life. The drums were his pillars of hope, strength, and healing when all seemed lost.


In his book, Jeffrey Summers reminds readers that although drumming can seem quick to learn, it takes skill, stamina, and patience to really master this instrument. Summers recalls all the oneness he needed to really excel at the drums, making his body work as one to ensure his drumming reached its potential. Readers get to journey with Summers from his first drum kit all the way to the inception of “Drum Roll Please: How Playing Drums Saved My Life”.


Readers who wish to experience this rich work can purchase “Drum Roll Please: How Playing Drums Saved My Life” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iBooks Store, Amazon, or Barnes & Noble.


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