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Author AdaR Bennett’s new book ‘Walked through Hell, but Refused to Stay

Walked through Hell, but Refused to Stay!" from Newman Springs Publishing author AdaR Bennett is a compelling autobiographical work that takes readers through the author's memories of her childhood.

AdaR Bennett, who was born to a single widowed mother who was struggling with seven other children, has completed her new book “Walked through Hell, but Refused to Stay!”: a gripping and potent memoir that provides insight into what life was like for the author growing up in difficult circumstances. The work is divided into several short segments that vividly describe the author’s experiences. 


Author AdaR Bennett introduces her work, writing, “Mother would say that the Whites wanted the highland away from the waterways because they couldn’t make a profit by farming the land because it was too wet, and at the time the Whites didn’t like living by the water. This is how so many of the black Americans ended up with waterfront properties. Now the Whites are fighting so hard to get back the waterways from the heirs after years had passed with them giving the property to them. The property taxes are pushed higher, keeping some of the property owners from being able to afford to pay the taxes. Some properties have been owned by families since the early 1800s. So the same properties that weren’t wanted have now become high commodities for the people that didn’t have any use for it.”


She continues, “These people endured hardship and back broken during hours of laboring to make it back in the days, during a time when there wasn’t anyone to help them out. They only had the community and one another to depend on.”


Published by Newman Springs Publishing, AdaR Bennett’s impactful work shares the author’s journey of overcoming unimaginable obstacles. 


Readers who wish to experience this meaningful work can purchase “Walked through Hell, but Refused to Stay!” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iBooks Store, Amazon, or Barnes & Noble.


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