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Sator Announces NFT Drop of 10,000 ‘Satorverse Guardians’

Sator, the disruptive blockchain-based content engagement platform, launched the campaign, “Guardians of the Satorverse,” today which culminates in the largest NFT drop to date on Sator: 10,000 Satorverse Guardian NFTs. The drop takes place on both Sator’s app as well as Sator’s desktop NFT marketplace.

In space-meets-metaverse style, Satorverse Guardian NFTs portray extraterrestrial avatars. Satorverse Guardian NFTs mine SAO tokens directly into holders’ wallets. Holders can also use a Sator Guardian NFT as their profile pic inside the Sator app.

Satorverse Guardian NFT collection starts dropping on January 12. Every two days, from January 12 to January 30, 990 NFTs drop each time (100 remaining can only be won playing the newest games launching inside Sator).

Every Satorverse Guardian NFT has different features. “These unique pieces of artwork of limited supply unlock rewards inside the Sator app and Sator discord,” notes Isla Perfito, CEO and Co-founder of Sator. For example, each Satorverse Guardian NFT has a rocket fuel level of 1 to 20. The NFT’s rocket fuel level is also the quantity of SAO tokens that the NFT mines three times in 2022 and once in 2023.

Sator is launching a desktop NFT marketplace on Solana with advanced features and functionalities, and it launches this week. Satorverse Guardian NFTs are the first NFT drop on the first advanced-features Solana-based NFT marketplace.

To design this NFT collection, Sator partnered with multidisciplinary artist K. Rawald, whose creations span cross-cultural themes, forms, and attributes. K. Rawald remarks, “As an artist in predominantly tactile practice within concrete physicality, I had my trepidations diving into NFTs. But this is a bold new world and there is something so empowering in the sense that the artist can continuously benefit from future exchanges and engagement, unlike what we see in the ‘real’ art world and secondary art markets post-primary sale.”

Sator’s Telegram community kicks off 2022 with contests rewarding bags of 100 SAO to 10 winners who prove themselves to be the best “Guardians of the Satorverse.”

“We wanted to give back and further engage our community to keep supporting and participating in the platform,” says Chris Martin, President and Co-founder of Sator. “We believe being backed by a strong community is the single most important foundation for success.”About

Built on Ethereum and Solana blockchains, is a metaverse company managing the decentralized Sator app, Sator desktop and Sator network which expand linear TV, film and music content into more immersive experiences of NFTs, crypto rewards, gaming and the metaverse


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