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Live Happy to Honor International Day of Happiness With Month-long Campaign

Lifestyle brand extends its mission of making the world a happier place with the launch of eighth-annual #HappyActs campaign

 By 2030, depression and mental health problems will be among the most widespread and costly diseases in the developed world. Promoting resilience can prevent depression, anxiety and behavior problems in young people. Additionally, societal discourse has become increasingly fraught with polarization and distrust.


How do we as a global society, seemingly mired in personal and political conflict, find a solution?


One promising answer? A global movement to make the world a happier place. American organization Live Happy is working to mobilize the world during the month of March by supporting the UN-sanctioned International Day of Happiness, March 20. 


Live Happy is kicking off its eighth annual campaign, a month-long #HappyActs celebration that shares small, simple actions and “happy learnings,” known as #HappyActs. This year’s HappyActs campaign is focusing on making kindness the new normal, especially on social media. 


“Every March is the most exciting time here at Live Happy,” says Deborah K. Heisz, CEO of Live Happy magazine and author of Live Happy: Ten Practices for Choosing Joy. “This is when we kick off a month-long #HappyActs celebration by providing an easy way for participants to spread happiness and make a positive difference in their lives and the lives of those around them. This isn’t just an act of kindness, but an act of hope that collectively we can change the future to be a more positive and happier place for all. In this current state of the world where it seems no one can agree on anything and polarization and conflict seem to be on the rise, now is time to change the tone to express kindness and love so we can start to heal. We’ll never all agree on everything all the time, but we can start to have conversations where we understand each other instead of pushing each other apart.” 


Live Happy is urging everyone to use social networking platforms to be shiny beacons of happiness. 


Live Happy encourages people to share their favorite meme or quote, post an inspirational article or give a healthcare worker a much-needed shout-out. Live Happy is asking participants to use the hashtag #HappyActs to let other Happy Activists know they are out there fighting the “good” fight.


Also, participants can create a Happiness Wall asking people to share how they spread happiness. Live Happy is proud to have Happiness Walls in schools, businesses and public places across North America and globally. The wall is just one of many activities and fun ideas to discover at, including:


Perform and share as many Happy Acts as possible during the month of March by taking a picture or video and using #HappyActs in posts and tweets. Download a free #HappyActs calendar for inspiration.

Focus on small actions anyone can do like giving a hug, saying a kind word or sharing personal happy moments by using #HappyActs.

Create a wall! It’s easy to do — download a free, printable Happiness Wall or purchase a wall kit from the Live Happy online store.

In addition, Live Happy’s weekly podcast, Live Happy Now, is celebrating the month by focusing on the theme of unity and bringing people together. This month’s guests will look at such topics as how social media influences our happiness and the way we think, how to promote civil discourse, and bridging the divide between us.


Research shows that happiness is an incredibly important part of life and should never be dismissed. Happy people tend to be more successful, live longer and have better connections with family and friends, as well as missing less work and donating more. The science behind happiness and positive psychology provides real-world ways everyone can lead more fulfilling lives and help others do the same.


For an interview with a #HappyActs representative or for more information, please see the contact information below. Live Happy looks forward to working with everyone and helping spread happiness around the world, as well as in communities everywhere. 

About Live Happy


Live Happy is leading the global movement to make the world a happier place and is dedicated to promoting and sharing authentic happiness, inspiring people to live purpose-filled, healthy, meaningful lives. Founded by entrepreneur Jeff Olson, Live Happy LLC is a magazine, website, resource and movement about a timeless quest: living a happy life. Live Happy celebrates and shares the innovative research of positive psychologists and their colleagues to address meaningful correlations between positive emotions, health and fulfillment. Happiness empowers us to make a positive difference in our lives and in the lives of others. Happier people are healthier, more satisfied with life and their relationships, and they live longer. Join the journey to live happy and spread that joy. Happiness is a journey anyone can take and it starts with just one step.

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