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Positive Singles Launches New Activity to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Positive Singles has decided to launch an all-new activity keeping Valentine's Day in mind.

Positive Singles is one of the top online dating sites that has massively soared in popularity. The site has been creating quite a buzz with a flurry of activities that they hold from time to time. Recently, the site announced an all-new activity titled, ‘write a love letter to yourself.’ 


The main theme behind this activity is to inspire people to fall in love with themselves so that they too can value who they are and thereby be sure that they don’t doubt their personality. The site has plenty of success stories to their name as more than 60,000 people have managed to find the right match and partner and they have truly been doing their best. 


Suny Joes, the project manager was quoted as saying, “We truly want to celebrate the spirit of love, and we at Positive Singles believe that before you fall in love with someone else, it is very important to truly love your own self, and this is why we came up with this amazing activity.”


The site is hopeful that a lot of members will engage in this activity and they too will come forward and write themselves a wonderful love letter and look at the beauty they hold within themselves. This feeling of self-love will surely take them places and help them for the good. They believe that this activity will have several perks to offer because people truly need to find the right emotions and love within themselves first. 

About Positive Singles 


Positive Singles is one of the top online dating portals and has over 2 million members on the site. The company offers varied interactive features and has helped more than 60,000 people find the right match. 

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