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HSH Management: The Newest Players in the Industrial Market

Southern California’s current industrial real estate market is unlike anything that anyone’s ever seen. Land is scarce and vacancy rates are hitting record lows. Though this is an unprecedented time, one thing remains the same about industrial real estate: big names grabbing the big deals. Large firms like Rexford, Prologis, and Majestic have been steadily acquiring and developing large industrial properties for decades. But there is a new player emerging amongst them, and that’s Henry Shahery’s newest company: HSH Management.

HSH Management may be an up-and-coming name in Southern California industrial real estate, but Henry is not new to the game of commercial real estate by any means. His past portfolio includes the acquisition of Sears Tower, 1 million square feet on 5th Avenue in NYC, 1 million square feet in Downtown Manhattan called 180 Maiden Lane, and 3 million square feet in Downtown Dallas. While Shahery is the face of the operation, he is backed by a team of investors from Mexico. These investors are long-term friends of Henry’s. They began as a casual partnership; teaming up to acquire and develop properties in Mexico. But this casual partnership turned into a large public REITs in Mexico, and they don’t plan on stopping there. Henry created HSH Management in 2016 to continue his push forward into buying industrial properties in the American market.

Henry’s plans are ambitious, but he has the mind and the backing to make it all happen. In the upcoming 2-3 years, HSH plans to acquire 10-15 million square feet of industrial land in Southern California. Their goal is to be a major player in the manufacturing, storage, and movement of goods. Henry is not afraid of going head-to-head with the big names and he’s ready to make his mark on this industry.

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