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Moms Are Going Big Into Crypto With Their First-Ever Collection of NFTs

Wall St. Fam, one of the fastest-growing NFT projects, is launching its hotly anticipated Mom Collection this spring. An often underestimated group, moms are taking advantage of the chance to be one of the most powerful forces moving forward using NFT technology.

The potential that mothers have tends to be overlooked as they work tirelessly and invisible behind the scenes, taking care of their loved ones.

They now, however, get exclusive access to NFT tools and resources that puts them on equal footing with those in high finance living comfortably for years.

A First-of-Its-Kind Opportunity for Parents Serious About Winning in Crypto

Wall St. Fam helps parents who are ready to join the massive movement happening in crypto while embracing the new challenges of being a mom or dad. It’s their chance to push forward and settle for nothing less than excellence.

“We’re busy parents, too. We recognize moms and we’re building cutting-edge tools for them. NFTs are changing the world as we speak and the last thing we want is for our fellow parents to be left behind and disadvantaged,” says Phu Ngo, co-founder and lead developer of WSF.

The project is coming off a successful first launch of its Dad NFTs in which all 3,000 0G-Edition Dads were minted.

Now, at last, moms will join the party with their own collection. Each token represents the joys, challenges and inspirations mothers experience on a daily basis.

They don’t have to be experts. There’s no strict requirement. They won’t have to be glued to trading charts. Members don’t even have to have kids. The community is tied by the notion that everyone is taking care of their loved ones in some way or form.

Members get guides to learn the core concepts of NFTs, expert insights that cover more complex areas, tools designed to make acquiring crypto assets easy, and more — all to reap the benefits of being NFT owners.

From Wall St. Dads to Wall St Fam. The group changed its name to reflect the ultimate goal of the community.

“Our focus is to help guide other parents in this Web3 adventure in the simplest way possible: with transparency, accessibility and fairness,” says Matt Shih, co-founder and lead creative of WSF.

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