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McDonald’s Black Franchisees Continue To Face Financial Inequities

McDonald’s recently announced it would pledge $250 million over five years to help franchise candidates who may face economic obstacles. This five-year pledge is to be split between historically underrepresented groups. Meaningful change and progress require this kind of commitment and significant resources.

“McDonald’s needs to address the systemic barriers to success that are currently facing existing Black franchisees,” stated Larry Tripplett, chairman and chief executive officer, NBMOA. “Without permanent change to address existing inequities, new generations of franchisees will be saddled with extraordinary debt, huge financial challenges, and unable to become meaningful contributors to the communities they serve.”

Despite sales growth, currently Black franchisees collectively earn lower profits than non-Black McDonald’s franchisees due to systemic inequalities within McDonald’s Corporation. It is unacceptable that this one cultural group should experience a profit gap. The NBMOA continues to work with McDonald’s and its leadership to address and eliminate inequalities.

About the National Black McDonald’s Operators Association
The National Black McDonald’s Operators Association (NBMOA) was founded in 1972 to address concerns of equality for the first Black McDonald’s franchisees. Now entering its 50th year, the NBMOA continues to work with McDonald’s Corporation to promote financial equality and opportunities for Black franchisees, business partners, and ultimately, all diverse communities.


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