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Porchlight Health & Working Fusion Launch Partnership: a Homeless Prevention Initiative for Young Adults

Porchlight Health a new health platform that uses services & smart technology to bring connection and support to vulnerable populations, announced today the launch of the first Working Fusion cohort. Working Fusion at Mill Street is a tiny home village providing housing, support services and community for young adults.

Housing insecurity affects over 5 million young adults in the US, more than any other population. By working closely with Porchlight, Working Fusion is creating a new support model for vulnerable populations. “Porchlight provides both a medium for developing and accessing support for residents in real time.”, said Jill McCormick, Director of Clinical and Career Services.

Porchlight’s launch was the first opportunity to bring residents together as a group and to share how important relational support is to the Working Fusion mission. According to McCormick it is already working:

“On the first day of use, I was able to respond to residents who checked in. A couple of them shared that they were struggling with “thinking about the past.” I was able to offer support, coaching and encouragement in real time. I also got to cheer them on for what was going well such as “feeling good about myself” or “being on time.” This technology gives me insight into what variables shape the emotional color of their day and will help us better tailor our programming to their individual concerns and needs.”

“We are excited to be working with Working Fusion on Mill Street to improve the lives of young adults struggling with housing insecurity. Our partnership shows how the elimination of communication barriers through services & smart technology can give vulnerable populations a voice and real-time support.”, said Steve Peterschmidt, Founder and CEO of Porchlight Health. “While Porchlight Health has focused on connecting older adults, this partnership proves everyone can benefit from supported connection with family, social services and healthcare.”

About Working Fusion on Mill Street
We Fortify exists to pivot vulnerable populations out of poverty into a state of economic and emotional stability and social connectedness. We do this by providing four interdependent and centralized pathways; safe dignified housing within a small supportive community, individualized trauma-responsive therapies, life skills education and training and placement in a living wage position.

About Porchlight Health
Porchlight Health is a services & smart technology platform that gives vulnerable populations a voice and empowers the people, organizations and companies that have a role to play in health to be more efficient and effective. This early stage health tech company supports all vulnerable populations but is primarily focused on connecting older adults to family


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