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The Best Alternative Fan site: TrueFanz, Announces The Launch Of Its New Content Creator App

TrueFanz, the invite-only content creation platform is redefining what it means to monetize your talents. Co-founders Tim Branyan and Logan Shippy are getting ready to announce the launch of the official TrueFanz app, which has already gained notoriety as a quickly growing global authority on the content creation economy due to offering up the most unique features and functionality for its creators and users alike.

If you’re wondering what makes TrueFanz the best platform for influencers out there to date, then you should know that it goes far beyond just the features and exclusivity the TrueFanz app provides. TrueFanz was designed for creators by creators, which essentially means that all influencers’ pain points have been brought to the forefront of the TrueFanz app creation. These pain points will be revealed in the form of a lightning-fast platform messaging interface, video quality up to 4K, faster upload and video playing speeds, push-button notifications, screenshot detection plus state-of-the-art content protection, and an overall improved user experience.

Co-founder Tim Branyan recently offered up a sneak peek of the TrueFanz app in its pre-beta testing version, demonstrating the user interface and the app’s unique features which included live events, pay-per-view, the “vault,” and much more—all the way down through the scrollable menu to where creators on the platform can easily access their bank statements, earning statistics, and other important analytics.

Being that mobile devices are at the forefront of everything we do from ordering food to watching movies, the TrueFanz app is also bringing forth native images that are large enough to where users won’t have to zoom in on images or videos. In addition to better viewability for users and creators alike, the TrueFanz team has also made it easier than ever to create a specific post, whether it be a poll, a video, an image, or anything else simply by clicking the designated button on the menu.

“We’ve been in constant communication with both our team and our creators. It’s been a challenge behind the scenes but we’ve put a lot of energy into tweaking the entire TrueFanz app into something that really supports the user experience as well as something that streamlines the actual content creation of our influencers,” says co-founder Tim Branyan. “We’re always listening and innovating, ensuring that the creators on the TrueFanz platform come first and are able to maximize their revenue while forming stronger relationships with their following.”

There are so many things that make the TrueFanz platform unique, but what’s really intriguing for most people is the exclusivity of the platform. Both Tim and Logan felt that the ultimate way for content creators to truly grow was to ensure that those coming to their platform were, in fact, true artists. That means no pornographic materials and the platform will be invite-only, which gives creators a next-level space where they won’t have to compete with heavy algorithms—which means it’ll also be easier for patrons to find their content without having to sift through a wealth of content they’d otherwise rather not deal with. It also doesn’t hurt that the sign-up and compliance process has been reduced to three simple steps, allowing creators to start uploading and engaging their fan base almost immediately.

TrueFanz is a platform that’s about to completely disrupt the content creation world, and the plan is to launch it by the new year. The team behind the TrueFanz app will be constantly innovating and engineering the platform accordingly to ensure that all the content creators who get an invite can reach their monetization goals much faster.


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