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OnTheClock Updates Their Time Clock App to Enhance the Customer’s Experience

OnTheClock, a leader in employee time tracking software, recently launched an update to their mobile time clock app to enhance the design and use of their mobile time tracking app.

OnTheClock, a leader in employee time tracking software, recently launched an update to their mobile time clock app. Along with a new style and design, the latest app update provides an intuitive experience for business owners and employees. The reputable tech company heavily focused on user convenience during the update. OnTheClock wanted to provide app users with crucial time tracking information that was only available from the website version.


“With so many business owners and employees using our mobile app, we wanted to improve their experience as much as possible and make their lives easier,” said Tim Glendenning, Marketing Manager, OnTheClock.


With a total revamp of the app’s dashboard, helpful widgets allow users to access a live employee punch map easily, see hours worked in real-time, and view balance updates for paid time off. Administrators and managers of the account can quickly add employees, hours, and jobs. The new flyout menu and navigation tab offer convenience and intuitive navigation.


Additionally, OnTheClock wanted to improve communication and company updates between them and their users. In accomplishing this, the app will give important news information about OnTheClock using a banner message.


OnTheClock understands the importance of a user-friendly experience and chose to update the look and feel of their time clock app. With the development of the new design, OnTheClock is hopeful it will improve business production, streamline the communication process, and ensure the best experience possible when using an employee time tracking app.


About OnTheClock:


Established in 2004, OnTheClock has been dedicated to providing the latest technology in cloud-based employee time tracking software. With over 15,000 active companies using their software, OnTheClock strives to improve and make the user experience as great as possible. In return, small businesses are equipped with the necessary tools to document and report job-related information accurately.


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