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How to fix your Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini not turning on

The Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini reached its EOL – End of Life – when it received Android Lollipop way back in November 2015. Despite the fact that it’s no longer receiving updates, the popularity of the S4 Mini has managed to continue. Like most of us, it’s not getting any younger so here are some problems and their solutions to help you continue to use your Galaxy S4 Mini.

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Samsung Galaxy S6: how to activate developer mode

The Samsung Galaxy S6 is a top of the range device, and like a lot of other smartphones there are quite a few ways you can customize your device to best suit your individual needs. That said, not all of these are immediately apparent – and many are only available when you activate the Developer mode.

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Which system apps can be disabled on Android?

If you’re a power user, you probably want to know what is going on in the background on your phone. Just as in Windows and OS X, your Android device probably has all manner of apps running in the background. These use up valuable resources and may slow down your phone or tablet.

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Moto G tips and tricks: get the most out of the mid-range wonder

The Moto G series has been a staunch fan favorite ever since its initial release in late 2013. The Moto G managed to launch on the market with a solid hardware package, a near stock Android experience and a surprisingly affordable price tag. Despite having been sold off to Google and then Lenovo, the Moto G series has been going strong and is currently in its fifth generation.

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5 Facebook Messenger tricks that you may not have heard of

It’s no surprise that the Facebook Messenger app is one of the most popular in the Play Store. A lot of us use it to message or call our contacts, but are you sure you know how to use this app to its full potential? Here are some tips and tricks that might be of interest to you.

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A basic guide to smartphone batteries

One of the most important elements of a smartphone is the battery. How long does it take to charge it? How long does it last? What are the differences between battery types? These are the main questions that we’re going to answer and we’re going to try to put some incorrect myths and legends to rest. Below, you’ll find our basic guide to batteries.

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LG G3 tips and tricks: master your LG smartphone

The LG G3 boasts a number of innovative software features. With the roll out of Android Lollipop, some of its original features changed or ceased to work, but there are plenty still left to discover, from greater accessibility to the ability to use multi-screen apps. Discover how to do these things and more with the help of our LG G3 tips and tricks.

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This is the best thing you can do to secure your phone

What’s the number one thing you can do to secure your phone and any data ? The answer is simple, but many smartphone owners still don’t consider this basic yet essential feature – even when it minimizes the risk of data or identity theft, loss of privacy, theft, etc. Can you guess what the answer is?

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