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How to fix your Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini not turning on

The Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini reached its EOL - End of Life - when it received Android Lollipop way back in November 2015. Despite the fact that it's no longer receiving updates, the popularity of the S4 Mini has managed to continue. Like most of us, it's not getting any younger so here are some problems and their solutions to help you continue to use your Galaxy S4 Mini.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini battery problems

Battery problems are especially common in older devices. Over time, smartphone performance will decrease, so your battery will struggle to support your day-to-day activities or at worst, the battery will become defective and can no longer be used.

If you find that your Galaxy S4 Mini only operates normally when it’s connected to a charger, this means the battery is your problem. To resolve this issue, you’ll need to replace the battery, so it’s time for you to pay your local Samsung store a visit.

Don’t let the age of your Galaxy S4 Mini dissuade you – it can still work! / © ANDROIDPIT

Hard reset on the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini

A hard reset is one of the best options for when your phone doesn’t turn on properly. This will erase all the data you have saved on your S4 Mini, such as photos, videos, music and contacts, so you should consider backing up your device before you go with this option.

For a hard reset, you’ll need to ensure that you turn your smartphone completely off. Press down on the volume rocker, the home button and the lock button simultaneously. As soon as the S4 Mini vibrates, release the lock button and continue holding down on the other two buttons.

AndroidPIT Smartphone Overheating 2604

A hard reset is a great idea, but be careful – it can do some damage. / © NextPit

Reboot your Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini

If your smartphone immediately hangs up as soon as you switch it on, a reboot may help to resolve the issue. This technique is ideal for getting rid of app errors, slowness and other problems that prevent the Galaxy S4 Mini from connecting properly.

Hold the lock button down until the options menu appears. All you then need to do is tap on Reset to start the process. 

Clear the system cache

Another alternative to handle crashes is to clean up the system cache. This can free the phone from a number of errors that prevent the device from working properly.

To clean the cache, first make sure that your phone is turned completely switched off. Then press down on the volume rocker, the home button and lock button simultaneously. As soon as the S4 Mini vibrates, release the lock button and continue holding the other two buttons.

The options menu should then open. Using the volume buttons, select Wipe cache partition and confirm your selection with the lock button.

androidpit battery low 1

Clean out your cache to get more out of your smartphone. / © ANDROIDPIT

Technical assistance

In more serious cases, unfortunately it will not be possible to recover your cell phone without the help of a specialist. This can occur due to a corrupted system, problems with updates or even hardware defects of the Galaxy S4 Mini.

If none of the solutions above solve your problem, be sure to take your mobile phone to a Samsung authorized service center.

Those are our best tips to ensure you can keep your Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini running smoothly, but there must be some others out there that we’ve missed. What problems have you encountered on your Galaxy S4 Mini? How did you solve them? Let us know in the comments below.


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