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Hire our Professional for the best and most reliable Solar PV Rooftop Installation service in Dubai

Pure Energy has developed partnership with Bluetop Solar Parking Denmark to study local project requirement and improve flexi design of the carports. Pure Energy offers you a tailored, high quality operation and maintenance arrangement that will help your installation stay clear of breakdowns and minimize the risk of any solar PV plant disruption, which can lead to extended plant downtime and the consequent loss of both revenue and reputation at a client’s solar plant.

UAE, Dubai April 16, 2022: Solar energy encourages a healthier environment. The higher consumption of solar energy reduces energy dependence. The transformation of sunlight into electricity using photovoltaic technology emits no harmful and hazardous gases. Moreover, it is a sustainable source of energy. For a better future and healthier environment, Dubai and many gulf countries mandate the solar PV rooftop for commercial and residential places. According to the present data, Gulf countries ranked 3rd as a supplier of concentrated solar energy. We are a reliable company popular for installing, maintaining, procurement and constructing the solar system. If you want a professional technician for the Solar PV Rooftop Installation Dubai, call our professional for outstanding services.


We have experienced and knowledgeable professionals aware of all the best techniques and methods. Our focus is to deliver outstanding services to all our clients. Moreover, if you are looking for a technician and Solar Carports installers Dubai, you landed at the right spotOur years of experience as technicians and engineers offered the best services. We are a reliable and reputed company known for installing and maintaining the solar system. Our focus is to lessen the burden on all contractors regarding solar energy projects. Whenever you face any trouble regarding the solar panel or any solar energy equipment, seek professional assistance for the best services. You can hire our professionals and get the best services. We are available for all from installation to maintenance of the solar system. 


What we offer under our Solar Carports Solutions provide:

·        Long spans, fewer posts

·        Underground foundations

·        Flexible orientations

·        Lighter steel structure

·        Easy installation & maintenance

·        Provide comfortably shaded and covered parking


Gulf countries are focusing more on renewable energy consumption to better the environment and human life. Several countries like Oman and Dubai have already mandated the installation of solar PV rooftops for commercial and residential buildings. If you want any help with the repair and maintenance, our professionals are one call away. Once our technician repairs, you will not face the same problem again. Moreover, if you need to shift the solar panel due to bad weather, we recommend hiring professionals for the best services. Our Solar PV Rooftop Installation Dubai team uses top-quality and state of the art equipment and machines for the betterment of the services. We put all our efforts, enabling the best, and seamless functions of all the solar projects to avoid any hassle for the client.


We are a popular company that offers the best and most reliable maintenance, procurement and construction of solar energy systems. Our team of experienced engineers has done several solar energy system projects such as Oman Solar, Mena Solar and Shams Dubai. One call and get the solar expert’s assistance for shams projects. Call our team and get the best solar services. We are open 24*7 and deliver outstanding services. Grab the best service with us.


Our services include:


·        Inception to completion

·        Solar rooftop, carport & ground mount

·        Local authority’s approval

·        Grid-tie solar systems & plants

·        PV Diesel Hybrid (fuel-save) Systems

·        Standalone photovoltaic systems and power plants

·        Efficient solar lighting

·        Partial EPCC Contracts

·        Energy storage system


We work with authorities, financiers, developers, other EPC System integrators, commercial & industrial factories and homeowners. Our specialized team member follows the right techniques and methods and the right procurement, construction, commissioning, engineering and beyond. In addition, you will get the assistance of a professional and certified designer, developer, installer, and project manager of solar energy systems. Thus, if you want the best and outstanding maintenance and construction services of solar systems, choose us.


Pure energy is a UAE based firm well-known for the best installation, maintenance and construction of the solar system.


Grab more about our services, and then visit our website You can contact our team via call and email +971 4 341 2227, +971 5695 07681 and www.pure , for better solutions.


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