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Shop the top-quality and best safety devices in Saudi Arabia with us

Alma for Security and Safety is a public foundation laid out in 2015. Because of our faith in the significance of wellbeing and our objective in offering the best types of assistance, we have drawn in a gathering of architects and professionals who have long involvement with the field of security under the administration and management of qualified public frameworks. If you are trying to find one of the top-level Certified Safety Companies, then almasafetydevices is the best option.

Saudi Arabia, Riyadh, April 15, 2022: We are a reliable national institution popular for safety devices and firefighting equipment. Our service includes maintenance and installation of safety devices and firefighting equipment. If you are looking for a firefighting system and safety equipment in Saudi Arabia, call us. We provide the best and most authentic products with utmost quality and performance. Therefore, you are ready to boost the security of your space. Then who is holding you tight? Visit our site and shop the wide collection of safety equipment from our store in Saudi Arabia. We are listed as one of the popular and Certified Safety Companies. Our focus is to develop a safe and secure place for all citizens. 


Our Safety Products


  • Simplex Fire Alarm System
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Fire pipes and Fire extinguishing system 
  • Zeta Alarm system 
  • Plumbing connection & Fire extinguishing system 
  • Fire Sprinklers & Fire extinguishing system 
  • Illuminated emergency exists 
  • Developed Map 
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Simplex Alarm System 



Once you shop the quality and durable safety equipment from our store, you will hardly go for other companies. Apart from the dealer, agent and supplier of the fire fighting and safety equipment, we offer services. We provide installation and maintenance services to clients. You can book our service to check, maintain and install the safety product. Several buildings and spaces have zero safety equipment that transforms the entire place into havoc during accidents. As we all know that no one can predict the danger, but one thing is in our hands is the safety equipment. The installation of proper safety equipments helps a lot in tackling the fire attacks or any trouble. First, you want to check the safety condition of your space. Then hire our professionals and experts to obtain the Safety report of your place. 


Are you ready to acquire the best and most amazing safety devices? If you are looking for a reliable company, choose us and get the best products. We offer durable and quality products. All our products are highly affordable with utmost performance and quality. So, if you want to shop for the best products at an affordable cost, then visit our site. You can explore all our products from our site and get the best devices. We offer Safety reports that claim the safety and security of the placeSuppose you are worried about the electrical safety of your place. Then our technician electrician and experts are right there to assist you. You can hire our expert electrician and identify the quality and type of wiring used in your place. Our experts recommend the best and most durable products to the clients. However, if you want safety devices, including a fire fighting system and alarm, then call us. We are one call away, and our support team is open 24*7 and offers the best solutions. We are a reliable national institution popular for the best safety devices and equipment.


Visit our website and acquire complete information about our services and products. Moreover, you can reach our executive via email or call. You can contact our delegate at 2114-21111-966 or send mail to for better resolution. 


Alma is a national institution established in 2015 in Saudi Arabia, top-rated for its safety and security services.



Phone: 2114-21111-966




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