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Every day, Business Wire’s press releases hit more than 100,000 media outlets in 160 countries, sparking discussion across industries and around the world. From financial news coming to the market to niche industry news, organizations use Business Wire/ Press Release to publish their news.

Business Wire Press Release Distribution – PR Wire

The readability of a press release matters. The professional business press release service delivers fully formatted and personalized press releases directly into the hands of journalists, analysts, and consumers.

Maximum Press Coverage: Multi-channel distribution system ensures that your press release receives wide coverage from the Associated Press.

Wide Sector Specialty Press: Building an exchange of ideas in key industry areas. Distribute your press releases to business media and opinion leaders in over 200 vertical market categories.

Multiple ways to tell your story: Newsletter features allow you to rotate news or information, provide pre-written tweets for publication, and provide version summaries for search engines.

Fascinating media opportunity

Today’s news consumers are visual, so don’t just tell your story, show it. Engage readers and increase engagement by adding multimedia content such as photos, videos, GIFs, PDFs, and interactive media to your releases.

Sophisticated engagement: Your readers want to take action; Business Wire Press Release Distribution includes opportunities to increase social engagement and increase valuable incoming traffic.

Easy-to-use reports: Measure the impact of Business Wire’s press release distribution with reports from the moment your release exceeds limits.    Improving the quality of customer service. Professional business press releases gain maximum results by providing each client with a dedicated account manager and access to a team of editors with an average experience of more than a decade.

Business press release mailing lists include digital, print, and broadcast newsrooms; individual journalists and editors; consumers; financial and news sites, portals and trade unions; blogger; social networks; and more so you can easily reach your goals.

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