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Join Sonya Sun Heart holistic mentor programs for self awakening and healing

Sonya Sun Heart is a Holistic Wellness (Mind/Body/Soul) & Ascension Coach and offers 🤍 Kundalini Yogi 🤍 Reiki 🤍 Sound Baths/Ceremonies 🤍 Artisan/CreatrixNew Earth Reality program.

May 22, 2022 – –  Sonya Sun Heart  is a certified Natural Health Practitioner and Holistic Wellness Ascension Coach and she offers various mentorship programs  which are designed to awaken the spirit for self love and aligning mind and heart and soul to attain the summit of happiness and ultimate self transformation. Sonya Sun Heart’ guidance for spiritual awakening program includes 30 days holistic program which is a personalized guidance program for alignment with the best life you can lead. Other such programs constituted for attaining ultimate peace with you include 90 days holistic program which creates self awareness and understand flaws and correct them to achieve ultimate self transformation.

Sonya is a heart ruled holistic lifestyle ascension guide and she has had experienced and practiced kundalini awakening, direct life experience with almighty/universe/spirit/god/goddess and even 2 near death experience, transcendental meditations, breath work sessions and other divine experiences to attain embodied wisdom. She teaches people who are unaware themselves to know and understand the realty and ready to the face adversities and accept facts. When you are at peace with yourself you will be at peace with everyone around you and will face life challenges with great courage and confidence. Her breathwork program Toronto is immensely helpful for self transformation and by opting to this revolutionary well being tool you can increase the level of energy flow from your body.

Breath work program is a self healing process involving breathing technique and exercises that are aimed to heal your inner wounds and bring drastic changes in your formation. The program is potentially beneficial to healing mental health such as tension, anxiety and physical health. It helps deliver oxygen to the blood stream plentiful and keep vital organs healthy and optimally functional.  Sonya believes in self realization and self love so you can unearth faults in your personality and rectify them so you become strong to face life challenges. To know more about Sonya and her holistic programs visit Divine destiny transformation program center website and register your queries on the website contact page. You can expect immediate response from her or alternatively send mail to to get a 15-minutes free consultation.

Sonya sun heart is a trained and experienced natural health practitioner and she finds solutions for both mental and spiritual wellness through her holistic tools that are designed to bring lifestyle transformation which is good for future life experiences.

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