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Introducing Ti & Me Studio—The Must-Have Dance App for Beginners

Ti & Me Studio is a safe space for all dancers to train and grow, both in technique and confidence

With more and more dancers looking at virtual options for dance education, there has been a real need for an easy-to-follow platform for those looking to begin their dance journey online. Co-founded by Auti Kamal, Ti & Me Studio is the beginner’s must-have dance app, offering a collection of step-by-step dance tutorials and well-paced instruction, geared toward newer dancers. Featuring a growing online library across many dance genres including ballet, jazz, contemporary, hip hop and more, it also offers fun monthly dance challenges curated to meet dancers’ goals and refine skills. Whether they’re just starting out or want a refresher, Ti & Me Studio offers dancers on-demand and live video tutorials by industry professionals they can access anytime, directly on all their devices.


“Ti & Me Studio is a safe space for all dancers to train and grow, both in technique and confidence. It’s their personal dance studio, the place they go to be inspired, encouraged, and pushed out of their comfort zone,” says Auti Kamal, dance personality, CEO and Co-Founder of Ti & Me Studio. “Choose from a variety of on-demand and live classes, follow the pre-made weekly training schedule, and join motivating challenges and bootcamps. It’s one big, happy dance family!”


Ti & Me Studio also offers dance challenges, like the 21 Day Split Challenge, tailored specifically to the refinement and advancement of dancers’ individual goals. Cori Sampson, a Ti & Me Studio member, found the app helpful and wrote, “I’ve always wanted to dance and finally found the teacher to make those dreams a reality. I can’t recommend her and this app enough.”


Kyle Butera, another Ti & Me Studio member, is amazed to see how this app worked so well for his dance progress and recommends the app for dance lovers, saying, “Auti is a fantastic instructor! So inspiring, encouraging, knowledgeable, and kind. I highly recommend this app to anyone looking to have fun and explore dance!”


Ti & Me Studio monthly and annual memberships are available starting at $19.99. Begin a free 7-day trial to check out all its features and feel the benefits of the program before committing.

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