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How to Know If Your Business Needs a Rugged Tech System

We heavily rely on technology these days. Regardless of where you work or what business you run, having solid technology and software is essential to running your business. Even small boutiques need a reliable computer to record customers’ purchases, let alone large enterprises that require customer relationship management systems, metrics, transactional data, and more. Depending on where you work though, you may either need a rugged tech system.

Read on below to find out which is most applicable to your business or if it is a combination of both.
Physical Ruggedness

Physical ruggedness refers to devices that can handle tough environments. This will depend on the location of where you are taking the tools.
Engineering Business

If you have an engineering business, you will most likely need technology that can handle whatever situation it is put in. For instance, if your business is heavily based in civil engineering and you need the tech to adapt to a location where a building is being built, you will need technology that can withstand being dropped or having anything dropped on it.
Military Business

If you are dealing with or own a military-based business, then a physical rugged system is essential. If you are taking phones or computers to a war zone, it will have to endure the tough mishandling that will occur due to sudden events. Some military bases need rugged rackmount computer systems in order to resist any harsh conditions that come their way. These computer systems are used to contact other bases when needed at any point and need to stay secure against any physical damages.
“Portable” Business

Portable business is any business that does not have one solid base that it operates from. If you happen to be moving around constantly, then flimsy computers or displays will not be able to handle too much movement and tough handling. They will break with the slightest of drops or crack if put in a bag without a care. With that, you will need a rugged IT system to survive any trips or harsh treatment.

How to Know If Your Business Needs a Rugged Tech System

Software Ruggedness

Another aspect of a rugged tech system is software. Ruggedness in this area refers to intangible software that can handle any malfunctions that come its way.
Virtual Contact with Clientele

If you constantly talk to your clientele through technology rather than face to face, then you will definitely need rugged software that will endure any bugs or glitches that could occur. Your clientele is the source of your income, regardless of whether you have a B2B or B2C client form. If you cannot communicate with them then the entire business system will not function as properly and losing customers is a possible consequence.
Virtual Contact with Employees

Some businesses do not have an office. With a business such as that, you will definitely need a rugged software system in order to contact your employees. Your employees are the heart and soul of your business. With each task and job they do, they need to work together like an oiled machine in harmony to produce the best work possible to present to your clients. If the tech fails and you cannot communicate with them virtually then you will be at a loss. Even those in physical enterprises that have employee logins need rugged systems to withstand electrical shortages or failures.
Possibility of Hackers

If you run a confidential business, then it is absolutely crucial that you find a rugged software system. Confidential businesses like the NSA need a system that cannot be hacked into so that their work can be conducted without any trouble. If your business entails the same or similar level of confidentiality and requires high security, then the software of rugged nature is necessary. Finding a team of intelligent IT will also be warranted to take care of any issues as well, yet the software itself must withstand any security alerts or red flags already.

Your business may be top secret and portable, in this case, systems that are rugged in terms of hardware and software are what you should be looking for. For instance, working in a military base will require you to move around with classified information. Unless a bomb drops on the computer, it should be able to handle anything it meets.

It should be very difficult to hack into as well, as information leakage could cause a huge setback in the mission itself. Be sure to do your research and understand your business before investing in a rugged tech system. In any case, it is much better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it, especially if you have the budget for it.


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