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Transformative Dermatology of Nashville Tennessee Announces Virtual Consultations

Transformative Dermatology (, located just outside of Nashville in Franklin, TN, announced today that the cosmetic dermatology practice will now offer virtual consultations. Dr. Jill Fichtel, founder and medical director of Transformative Dermatology, stated “There continues to be a significant demand for virtual consultations since the genesis of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020”.

“We are acutely aware that the COVID-19 epidemic continues to cause concern and anxiety among many of our patients. We hope that by offering virtual consultations in addition to in-person consultations, we will be able to assuage our patients’ concerns and help them receive the treatments they need” noted Dr. Fichtel. The Transformative Dermatology team notices a steady increase and continuance of patients seeking remote treatment, which is why the practice decided to offer virtual consultations indefinitely.

According to the American Hospital Association, at least 76% of U.S. hospitals utilize communication with patients and consulting practitioners remotely. Our dermatology team in Nashville strives to provide the safest consultations to our patients during the COVID-19 pandemic, which is why we now offer virtual consultations in addition to in-person visits.

Dr. Fichtel established Transformative Dermatology to aid patients in elevating their lives through treatments that help her patients look and feel good. Transformative Dermatology specializes in cutting-edge medical and aesthetic technology to address a myriad of skin, body, and sexual health concerns. Dr. Fichtel and her dedicated team provide highly comprehensive and personalized care to all patients.

As a board certified dermatologist, Dr. Fichtel and her Franklin, TN based Transformative Dermatology team routinely conduct remote appointments with patients from anywhere in the Nashville and surrounding areas, allowing individuals to experience cosmetics with more ease and assurance. Jill Fichtel, MD is a board certified dermatologist with over 20 years of experience providing best in class dermatology care to Nashville area residents utilizing a plethora of wellness treatments. Dr. Fichtel emphasizes that the practice of dermatology is a transformative journey for her patients and goes beyond just a specific treatment.

About Us

Transformative Dermatology is a cosmetic and general dermatology practice in Nashville (Franklin, TN, conveniently close to Cool Springs) that uses cutting-edge technology to treat a wide range of aging skin, body, and sexual health issues with little to no downtime. Our patients enjoy a calm, quiet, and serene setting at our state-of-the-art dermatology medical practice. Dr. Fichtel and her highly trained staff connect with patients on a much deeper level, offering an understanding, nurturing relationship to provide the kind of support that surpasses just a medical treatment.

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