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How to cancel your Spotify Premium subscription

If you want to switch from Spotify Premium to one of the other music services or simply switch to the free version, we will show you how to cancel your Spotify premium subscription. Just follow these simply steps.

Even though Spotify is one of the most popular streaming services, there are of course reasons to switch to another provider. Whether you rather listen to your own music library, switch to Google Play Music, Deezer or Apple Music, or just want to use the free version of Spotify, we’ll show you how to cancel your subscription to Spotify Premium.

How to cancel Spotify Premium on desktop or mobile

Currently, it’s not possible to manage your Spotify Premium subscription directly from the Spotify app on your Android smartphone or iPhone. You can, however, do it from your mobile or desktop browser, and it’s comparatively easy.

Open the Spotify website on your PC or smartphone and log into your account

Click on your profile picture (PC) or the menu on the right-hand side (mobile) and then on Account

Scrolls down to Your Plan

Click on Change Plan and then Cancel Premium

Confirmed with Yes to end your subscription

On the subscription page of your account, you can now see how long you can still use Spotify Premium until you switch to the free service. You can still access playlists you have created on the free plan, but you have to live with the restriction that you can’t explicitly select songs to play – you can only shuffle. You’ll also hear audio advertisements on a regular basis.

how to cancel spotify

You can cancel your Spotify subscription directly via your smartphone’s browser / © Screenshots: AndroidPIT

How to cancel Spotify Premium on iPhone via Apple ID

If you have subscribed to Spotify Premium on iPhone via the Apple App Store, you must cancel the service here as well. You can even do this conveniently via the iPhone settings:

Opens the settings menu and tap on your name at the top

Go to iTunes & App Store and tap your Apple ID

Then press Display Apple ID

Goes to the subscriptions area and select Spotify

Cancel your subscription here via the Cancel subscription button

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