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How to download and use Netflix on a rooted smartphone

Netflix recently updated its app on the Play Store, preventing rooted users from installing it. Fortunately, as usual in the wonderful world of Android, there’s a way to continue downloading and using your favorite streaming app and watching your favorite shows on your smartphone. Find out how in this article.

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How to download and install YouTube Go – Free Android APK

After a long period in beta, the light version of YouTube, which is aimed at developing countries, is at last available in its final version. With YouTube Go (the name of the app), you can download videos and send local copies to nearby friends via Bluetooth. It even works in areas with weaker connections.

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How to cancel your Amazon Prime membership

Amazon Prime provides many advantages for frequent shoppers on Amazon but perhaps you don’t end up using it enough so justify the $119 annual fee. Or maybe you only signed up for a free trial on Prime Day for those early deals.

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Netflix tips and tricks: unleash the streaming beast

Let’s admit it, if you could spend all day binge-watching series on Netflix, you would. And who could blame you? Netflix’s company goal is to provide you with as much content as possible. Our Netflix tips will help you to find exciting content and show you hidden features and functions.

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How to write a pop song using AI

We have all dreamed of writing the perfect pop song at some stage, haven’t we? Just me….? Well now, with the help of artificial intelligence, those ambitions could soon become a reality. These are the best tools that use AI to help with the creative process of writing a song.

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What to do when Netflix isn’t working

There could be a number of reasons Netflix isn’t working for you at the moment. Whether it’s the fault of your network, your device, or Netflix itself, this guide will help you get back to watching your favorite shows as quickly as possible.

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How to remotely watch Disney+, Netflix, and YouTube with family and friends

Watching movies and popular TV series together is always fun, isn’t it? What used to be a regular method of bringing everyone together physically is no longer possible because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Even though Covid-19 has put a brake on how we traditionally enjoy our movies, the pandemic has also resulted in several innovations – some of which are squarely aimed at getting back people together – albeit digitally.

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How to use the ‘YouTube Clips’ feature on YouTube

YouTube has just come up with a new feature called “YouTube Clips”. Now, for those of you familiar with streaming platform Twitch, you will quickly note that the new feature is quite similar to what Twitch offers its users. With ‘Clips’, you can create short clips from a video or a live stream and then share them on social media.

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