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How to block calls on your Android phone

There are occasions where you might want to block calls from certain numbers. It could be an insurance company trying to make you claim compensation, or a possessive ex-girlfriend or boyfriend. Whatever your reasons, we'll show you how to block calls on your Android phone.

Google Dialer

Thanks to Google, you can now block spam callers with Google Dialer – but only if you own a Nexus, Google Pixel or Moto device. The Dialer app was briefly available for a host of other Android devices but Google said that this was a mistake and quickly patched the app. Even if you download the APK, your phone will still refuse to install the app. If you do not have a Nexus or a Google Pixel you will sadly have to wait until the app is available for all Android phones. 

If you haven’t already done so, you’ll need to install the app first. Once you are done, you’ll soon find that this is one of the easiest ways to block numbers from your device. To block any number, just follow these simple steps:

Launch Google Dialer

Tap on the menu button next to the microphone icon in the margin at the top of the app

Tap Settings

Next, tap Call blocking

Tap Add a number

Enter the number you want to block.  

blocked calls 2

The option to forward calls to your mailbox has disappeared. / © NextPit

blocked calls 1

Finally, there is a list of blocked contacts on Google. / © NextPit

You can also block numbers by just selecting them from your recent calls list or address book. Just select the number and select Block/report spam. Once you do this, you’ll never hear from that annoying caller again. Reporting the number will also send it through to Google and other carriers, which will enable them to develop more effective spam filters in the future. 


Install on Google Play

Blocking calls on Samsung devices

To block all calls from an individual on your Samsung device:

Tap the Phone app, Call Settings, then the block numbers option.

Next, tap Add phone number.

That’s it! To reverse this, just go through the same process again but tap Remove from auto reject list at the end.

blocked calls samsung

On Samsung, the way to your blocked contacts is via the phone app. / © NextPit

Block calls with Huawei and Honor smartphones

In EMUI you can block contacts individually by selecting the contact and calling up the context menu under More. Alternatively, it is also possible to forward all calls to the mailbox. Via the three dots next to the call symbol in the phone app of the Huawei or Honor smartphone, you reach the Blocked menu, which takes you to the overview of blocked calls and messages as well as the extensive further setting options.

blocked calls huawei honor

With Huawei and Honor you can automatically forward all calls from a contact to the mailbox. / © NextPit

blocked calls huawei honor 2

In EMUI there are numerous options for blocking calls that can be made separately for each SIM on dual-SIM smartphones. / © NextPit

On HTC, you can block calls from the phonebook app

Like Samsung, HTC has made it super easy to block calls, and easily manage your blocked numbers. To block calls from a specific number on your HTC phone:

Go to your Phone app, then go to Call History or tap the search icon to find the number you want to block.

Long-tap the number you want to block, then tap Block contact.

To manage your blocked contacts, tap the menu icon at the top right of your Phone app, then Blocked contacts. Here you can add or remove blocked contacts, and even see when your phone blocked messages and calls from this contact.

htc block contact

With a HTC, you can check the list of blocked contacts. / © ANDROIDPIT

Blocking calls on LG smartphones

To block calls on your LG phones, go to the phone app. From there, you can open the menu with the three vertical dots. Go to call settings. Under Blocked numbers you can block contacts, entries from the call list and manually entered numbers.

blocked contects lg 1

LG also uses the telephone app to block phone calls. / © NextPit

blocked contects lg 2

Convenient: Dial the number to block from the list of past calls. / © NextPit

Blocking calls on a Sony smartphone

Sony has been following Google’s example for some time now. Blocking certain calls there works exactly the same as with Nexus devices and Moto’s. The screenshots were even taken on a Sony Xperia X.

Don’t touch call-blocker apps

There are call-blocker apps that promise the functionality described above on the Play Store. However, since these apps get access to your contacts and your phone app, they should be used with caution. Developers can use the authorizations to call expensive service numbers. They can also use the contact details of your friends commercially. It is much better to use one of the methods described above.


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