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First Kosher NFT Collection With Its Own Synagogue Launched in the Metaverse by The Hello Group and Post for Rent

The first-ever certified Kosher NFT collection is here, making it one of the most unique events in recent Metaverse history.

The first-ever certified Kosher NFT collection is here, making it one of the most unique events in recent Metaverse history. The new Web 3.0 project called CryptoJewish is based on Polygon blockchain and sets out to transform one of the most important segments of human culture into its digital versions, with 10,000 unique pieces to be released. 25 of the rarest pieces of the CryptoJewish collection will find its home in none other than the fourth-largest synagogue in the world — rather, its digital version in Decentraland, which has been certified as Kosher by Chief Rabbi Peter Deutsch and Rabbi Daniel Channen along with the entire collection of CryptoJewish NFTs.


This project aims to make art and culture a part of the physical-to-digital hype, broadening the scope of the content available in the metaverse. As various blockchain projects enter our pop-culture and NFT collections around the world, the trends have remained distant from tangible cultural heritage, which CryptoJewish is looking to change.


The founders of the project are well-versed in metaverse topics. LA-based, award-winning conglomerate The Hello Group (“THG”) and Post For Rent, influencer & media company, created this partnership with aspirations to build opportunities in for creators, cultures, and brands. In partnership with key executives from Post For Rent’s leadership (founder/CEO Gergo Csiszar and COO Zsolt Varga-Szilagyi), THG plans to launch a new division for its Web3 initiatives, titled “HelloVerse.” The division will make THG the first entertainment, talent-focused company to have its own building in the Metaverse, showcasing original and partner IP across its roster, and its 14 divisions.


Having built the first Influencer ClubHouse in Decentraland in December 2021, called Fresh Stash House, Post For Rent has led the way for companies to explore the virtual possibilities and for creators to find new voices as well as new revenue streams. Fresh Stash, along with the CryptoJewish NFT collection will become IP of HelloVerse within the scope of the new deal between THG and Post For Rent.


Their goal with CryptoJewish is to show how to create multidimensional-value content, using new, innovative digital language, bringing elements from millennia-old culture into this digital revolution accessible by anyone. Chief Rabbi Peter Deutsch and Rabbi Daniel Channen, two leaders of the Modern Orthodox community, are pioneers in the transformation of the Jewish community’s cultural heritage, setting an example for being open to digital innovation. Just like their colleagues in the synagogues, it has been a challenging few years without the ability to connect with the community in person but, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, online prayers have highlighted the value of connecting with religion and culture using the digital world.


The digital architectural wonder in Decentraland has been built to replicate the Synagogue of Szeged. The original building was designed by Lipót Baumhorn, finished in 1902, and is the fourth-largest synagogue in the world. Its virtual replica is the exact reflection of the original but features a unique interior where the 25 rarest pieces of the KOSHER NFT collection by CryptoJewish can be viewed and purchased along with the KOSHER certificate itself.


The long-term mission of CryptoJewish is to build a vibrant, Web 3.0 savvy community passionate about innovation and culture. The first step in the lengthy roadmap is the introduction of the unprecedented KOSHER CryptoJewish NFT collectible and the first official, Chief Rabbi-certified Synagogue in the Metaverse, with exclusive accesses, content, art, and additional services to come along the way.


“We are excited to be at the forefront of the cultural advancement in the digital world, by our partnership with the team at Post For Rent. Our new company, HelloVerse, plans to make an announcement in the coming weeks in relation to its extensive plans in Web3 and The Hello Group’s expansion in the metaverse,” says Taylor Jones, CEO of The Hello Group.


“This isn’t our first project with The Hello Group, but definitely the one we are the most excited about. The vision and the up-and-coming projects we have been developing for THG’s new division is truly something that stands out in the industry. We can’t wait for the official launch,” says Gergo Csiszar, founder and CEO of Post For Rent.


The project shows how far the communities have arrived, innovating and following current times in the digital era that’s spanning across various industries, cultures, and generations.

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