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Fanpage: A Boutique Platform Bringing NFTs to the Masses

Fanpage, LLC, a Dallas-based technology and media company, is launching a Polygon-based NFT platform

Fanpage, LLC, a Dallas-based technology and media company, is launching a Polygon-based NFT platform and creative services arm and is working exclusively with top tier music artists, athletes, brands and influencers to help create and monetize their official digital memorabilia.


Fanpage is setting a course to democratize the NFT landscape. While most marketplaces either require consumers to use cryptocurrency to purchase NFTs or force them into housing their NFTs on their own platform if purchased with a credit card, Fanpage has created an ecosystem that both opens the market to first time buyers, while also providing a way for NFT investors to trade and sell their Fanpage minted NFTs on well-established third-party marketplaces. 


“Everyone is hearing about, and interested in, NFTs, but yet the overwhelming majority of people do not have the knowledge or comfort level to jump into the market. You can walk into any restaurant in America and survey how many people have a crypto wallet, and you may have one hand go up if you’re lucky,” said the company’s CEO, Billy Rodgers. “And so the question becomes, why would music artists, athletes, and influencers create NFTs if their fanbases aren’t equipped to buy them? This is why we’ve created a way for Creators to sell their NFTs directly to their fans from their pre-existing websites with a simple credit card transaction, while at the same time also catering to the NFT enthusiasts by giving them the ability to transfer and sell their assets on the largest NFT marketplaces like OpenSea.” 


In the same way consumers have been interested but yet not quite comfortable to move into the metaverse, many potential creators are feeling the same way. This is why Fanpage has launched a creative services arm which works closely with Creators from beginning to end. “We provide an end-to-end solution for our Creators,” said Scott Berman, Chief Creative Officer. “From creative concepting and design to pricing, inventory and rollout strategy, we work with our Creators every step the way. Because of this, we choose to work with fewer clients so that we can spend the time to create timeless and meaningful digital art that will live beyond fleeting trends, and create long-term value for both creators and collectors.”


Fanpage has built their platform on the Polygon blockchain, a climate sustainable blockchain, which is more than 99.9% more carbon efficient than Ethereum, removing yet another obstacle in mass market adoption. In addition, the company is grounded in a Creator-centric approach, ensuring the lion’s share of both revenue and royalties falls to the Creators. This approach has already created overwhelming demand resulting in upcoming NFT drops from some of the biggest names in Music and NCAA athletics, beginning with Brothers Osborne on Feb. 22, 2022, The College Baseball Future All-Stars Series on February 24 and Jimmie Allen on February 25.  


About Fanpage: 


Fanpage LLC is a Dallas-based technology and media company that creates platforms and applications to help Music Artists, Athletes, Brands and Influencers engage with their fans and monetize their brands. Investors include iHeart Media, Townsquare Media and Mike Whelan, Principal of Verity Instruments.

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