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Frodo Tech Aims to Create Environmentally-Friendly Blockchain Ecosystem That Is Open to Everyone

Frodo Tech aims to create an environmentally-friendly blockchain ecosystem based on a unique cryptocurrency service that all the people in the world can access, without any limitations based on race, region or country.

Frodo Tech is an IT and Financial blockchain services company based in Auckland, New Zealand, and a member of the Blockchain Association of NZ (BANZ). Since 2018, it has provided best-fit and trustful solutions around AI, cybersecurity, data analysis, custom applications, mobility, migration, and managed services.

The goal of Frodo Tech is to create an online platform of services that brings tomorrow’s business today that is secure, trustable, and excellent. In 2021, the team at Frodo Tech decided to start a blockchain-based business providing a unique crypto service. The goal is simple: allow all kinds of people access to services without any race or region limitation – become an open, free platform and sustain an ecosystem of blockchain services for everyone.

In the past and to date, many environmentalists have raised concerns about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency mining and the direct impact on the environment and the climate. One of the company’s goals, and achievable by launching the token, is to decarbonise the industry and achieve net-zero emissions in the global crypto industry. Frodo Tech’s token does not have mining, allowing transactions to be processed with the exact energy requirements as an ordinary computer network. As a result of this, the cryptocurrency has negligible environmental consequences.

Frodo Tech’s vision is to utilise blockchain technology as a financial tool; it wants to use a decentralised blockchain network to bring billions of new users into the global economy, hence why it offers three unique features: The Standard Euro, The Standard DAO, and The Standard Token. The Standard Euro is the first algorithmic stable coin worldwide that is soft pegged to the Euro and backed by fungible assets. DAO is a decentralised autonomous organisation responsible for growing and governing the ecosystem. And Standard Token enables its holders to participate in the governance system of the Standard Protocol.

FRDX is Frodo Tech’s BEP-20 based token, explicitly created for this platform. The team launched its ICO on December 2, 2021. The total supply of the tokens is 85000000000. The platform accepts BTC, ETH, LTC, TRX, SOL, USDT, BCH, BNB, USDC, DASH, XRP, BUSD, and DOGE in exchange for FRDX.

Frodo Tech is a complete ecosystem of blockchain services and offers various exciting features to its users on the platform. These include Frodo Pay, FPG (Frodo Payment Gateway), Frodo Wallet and FNC (Frodo Native Coin).

Currently, the company offers the following solutions:

Retailers, merchants, and businesses will receive payment directly from the users. The company will integrate the payment gateway into their existing payment model to ensure that. That attribute speeds up the transaction time. It also brings two significant benefits: speedy transactions and secure access to the payment gateway.

Moreover, the crypto payment solutions eliminate the role of mediators and third parties from the payment system, which is another significant advantage. The payment will reach the merchant directly from the customer’s wallet, avoiding high transaction costs.

Even though the crypto market is highly volatile, with the value of currencies often rising or falling quickly, there is a solution for safeguarding investors’ funds. The real-time exchange feature makes the payment gateway capable of converting coins into fiat at any time, ensuring that the users won’t lose much money in case of volatility.

Overall, Frodo Tech has strong potential, a well-developed roadmap, and an experienced team. Given all these advantages, it is the perfect opportunity for people to use the eco-friendly blockchain services platform with countless features to satisfy any crypto and blockchain needs.

To learn more about the project visit, read the whitepaper and follow the team on Twitter, Telegram or Facebook. They are intensely active on social media – beyond offering constant and instant support – often hosting live AMA sessions, podcasts and friendly online gatherings.


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