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Facebook Messenger is down! Here’s how to fix it

Facebook Messenger is currently down around the world, including in the United States, Europe and the UK. As one of the biggest instant messaging services in the world, it's quite a big deal that it's experiencing problems at the moment.

How to fix the problem with Facebook Messenger

You can rest assured that Facebook is working on a fix and it should be solved soon if you just sit tight. If you can’t access your Facebook Messenger account, try one of the following solutions:

1. Access Facebook via your browser:

Simply open your web browser and go to:

Log in with your credentials.

There you go! Back in Facebook, old school style, with Messenger included.

2. According to some users, the Lite version of the App works fine, so:

Get Messenger Lite from the Play Store.

Log in with your credentials.

Enjoy messaging as usual, with a streamlined appearance and just the essential features.

3. Try a “wrapper” app that packages the mobile site in app form with a new design:

We recommend the following wrapper apps for Facebook! You might find you don’t want to switch back.

4. Check our troubleshooting tips

You can find various fixes and workarounds for Facebook Messenger in our troubleshooting guide


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