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GI Earthing Kits for Appliances Safety.

Grab Fast and Easy Installation GI Earthing Kits at an Affordable Price.

Noida, Feb 25, 2021. Renown Earth launches a wide range of GI Earthing kits that delivers top-notch quality. The procedure of sending charges straight to the ground via low resistance wire to achieve immediate discharge of electrical energy is called Earthing. GI Earthing Kits contain three basic components, namely GI Earthing electrode, GI Earthing Strips, and GI pipe. Each component of the kit has to go through the process of Galvanization. The base metal has an alloy of iron mixed with an upper layer of zinc coating to protect it from corrosion.

“We’re very excited to present to you the brand new GI Earthing Kits. Every Renown product comes into the market with the hallmark of quality.” Said Renown Earth, CEO Raman Mishra. “We believe our GI Earthing Kits will provide more reliability and durability. It will revolutionize earthing by saving lives and home appliances.” 

Purchasing a whole kit is more affordable than purchasing each component separately.

GI Earthing Electrode

The GI Pipe Electrode is manufactured of galvanized iron pipe of medium/heavy grade in various sizes as specified by the manufacturer, with the aperture on the pipe’s surface, a meshed GI Funnel, nut bolting, and a suitable GI Clamp. The Consumption security provides by hot plunge galvanization of Earthing Pipe. It generally requires very little maintenance.


GI Earthing Pipe

GI earthing pipe is used for earthing plant wiring, neutral wire of the inventory line, house wiring, and so on, whereas the excited iron line deploys as an earth cathode. The size of the line is determined by the deficit current and the condition of the soil. It is suitable for precise manufacturing. It has Superior flexibility, threading, and cutting ease.


GI Earthing Strip

Earthing strips are earthing equipment components attached to an electrode and used to transfer the voltage collected by the lightning rod. GI Earthing Strips are a regular method for providing earthing to many places such as residential, contemporary, and business. Our gi stripes are used to provide a consistent stage for the action of sensitive substances. These strips are embedded by our professionals using an exciting iron. The earthing wires are mostly made of high-quality GI that may be used in a variety of automotive and electrical devices. They are made of high-quality electrified metals that provide excellent sturdiness and amazing stun resistance.


About Renown Earth

Renown Earth provides electrical power items ranging from earthing solutions to lightning arresters as an electrical solution provider. We offer a one-stop shop for earthing and lightning issues in buildings, houses, and other structures. Our team comprises technically talented and highly devoted individuals that work together to push value-added solutions with a competitive price structure to meet your requirements.

We also install electrical products, perform testing and commissioning, preventative maintenance, automation, and provide energy-saving solutions. We aim to provide exceptional outcomes that exceed your expectations.


Renown Earth has always prioritized the production of high-quality GI earthing Kits. We never compromise on the quality of our goods. We believe in delivering the deliverables with utmost care. Our Hard-work is reflected in the form of positive reviews. We garner through our sheer responsiveness towards serving the best to our clients. Download our catalog to learn more about the Renown Earthing/Grounding Solutions and Lightning Protection.

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