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Dr Biz Boom Opens Its Doors in Clearwater, Florida

After watching her Father suffer for years with Neuropathy while hearing countless Doctors say there was nothing they could do except give him medication or an amputation, Dr Biz Boom Co-Founder and CEO, Vivienne Reign, took it upon herself to ensure that no one else’s loved one would be forced to suffer through this disease without help.

“There are highly effective treatments offered by wonderful doctors for patients in serious need. The problem is that patients don’t know about these treatments. We saw a big need by doctors to reach these patients. Through the use of products and services offered by Dr Biz Boom, these doctors are able to reach out to, treat and improve the lives of thousands of people nationally, sparing them from the pain and suffering so many experience.”

-Vivienne Reign

Finishing over three years operating out of the Orange County area of California, Dr Biz Boom has moved to Clearwater, Florida. At Dr Biz Boom, the goal is to “Change the Way Healthcare is Done,” and they felt that, in order to expand their footprint, they needed to move to Florida and find excited, high-energy personnel who share that goal.

Dr Biz Boom, operating nationwide, is a practice growth, marketing and product development company. Their leading-edge light therapy devices were voted number one by healthcare professionals.

Dr Biz Boom has developed, tested and proven their proprietary practice systems for over a decade, which has allowed them to help doctors reach and successfully treat more patients for a variety of chronic conditions. They have also implemented patented design and technology for their treatments as well as training platforms that have been created to manage and prepare staff members for their roles within their clinical practices. Dr Biz Boom works with licensed MDs, DCs, NPs, and other medical professionals on an extremely selective basis in order to assist them in growing their practices to the high level of success they have achieved in clinics across the country.

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