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Do everything in your browser faster

If you stash your most useful and important bookmarks on your browser’s toolbar for easy access, you won’t need to wade through menus to find them. Most popular browsers have a special folder you can save bookmarks to if you want them on-screen, and you’ll usually see the option to send them there whenever you save a bookmark or manage your existing ones.
Speaking of bookmarks, you can be clever about the URLs you save to speed up your travels around the web. If you’re a Gmail user, you’ve almost certainly bookmarked your inbox, but you can also bookmark your Gmail drafts and starred emails. If you use Slack, you can make bookmarks that’ll lead you straight to your unread threads or specific direct message conversations (the URLs for these will be personal to you).

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You can also create a new blank Google Doc by following the web address. Bookmark this link for a quick and easy way to create new documents in the future (try and, too).

Bookmark searches as well—whether on Twitter, Wikipedia, or somewhere else—so you don’t have to keep typing out your search terms every time.

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