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Check out Waymo’s new electric, self-driving taxi design

Waymo touts the amenities the cabin will hold, such as easily-reachable phone chargers and screens, and also looks towards a future where the most notable feature may be that which the car lacks, like a steering wheel. “The vehicles are currently configured with controls designed for human use that are required in the U.S.,” a Waymo spokesperson said via email. “That said, we’ve designed the interior of the vehicle to operate with different configurations, including without required human driving controls once regulations allow for this in the U.S. and elsewhere.”

Waymo already operates two different types of vehicles. The first are self-driving Chrysler Pacificas, which ply the streets in the Phoenix, Arizona area with no human behind the wheel as part of a public ride-hailing service called Waymo One. The second are electric Jaguar I-PACEs, which the company is using in a more limited way in San Francisco and have a safety driver sitting at the helm.

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