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PRECIME; a Beauty Line in an Effort to Send a Positive Message

PRECIME introduces CICA Make up for a beautiful, attractive look helping illuminate, hydrate, and minimize discoloration; leaving your skin with an all-around natural, healthy glow.

 PRECIME, under the umbrella company SPL, is happy to announce their official global launch of CICA Perfect Radiant Fit cushion.


Those familiar with the brand can remember their local launch back in May of 2021. Focused on the personal experience of the brand’s founder, Eunhye Lee, they wanted to share a product to fill a void. Lee dealt with sensitive skin growing up, leading to an evolving urge to find a product that would help bring a natural glow from natural ingredients focused on the inflammatory parts of the skin. An ingredient that can assist with redness, irritation, stress and much more; that’s when they found Cica (Centella Asiatica).


“The word “cica” is a shortening of Centella asiatica, an herb native to some parts of Asia and Africa. It’s best known for calming eczema and psoriasis flare-ups, as well as healing superficial burns and scratches. Three thousand years ago, the Centella asiatica herb was used as a cure-all in folk medicine.” –


 Currently, the product can be found through their website: but should be available in stores in the future. What’s more, a whole CICA line will be created, according to Lee, with the creation of CICA sun care. 


To learn more, make sure to follow them at:




+81 70-8409-0784



Eunhye Lee, is an entrepreneur from Seoul, South Korea, who resides in Tokyo, Japan. She initially started a beauty line to send a positive message, “to love yourself”; but it later became something greater; PRECIME.



PRECIME combines and means to love yourself and to put yourself first, that you are precious. It is a level of care, understanding and respect for our bodies. PRECIME, means to inspire and empower people with a purpose. 

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