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CES 2022: TVs get bigger and brighter thanks to little LEDs

Few things embody the annual Consumer Electronics Show like a heap of giant new TVs. Every year, manufacturers line their booths with acres of displays to show off their latest, greatest, and flashiest new televisions and the tech that makes them work. Even if you don’t get to walk through the display-laden halls, you can still appreciate all the new screens that will be hitting the market this year and beyond.
Micro LED has been around for a few years in various forms, but last year it started showing up in more ultra-high-end consumer TVs designed to take on OLED. Samsung’s Micro LED displays rely on a 25-million LED array, with each. diode measuring just micrometers across. All those tiny sources of illumination allow the screen to achieve impressive contrast by keeping dark areas dim even if they appear right next to bright objects. It’s the same basic idea that makes OLED so attractive.

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