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Check out the new Material Design Play Store theme

In April you could see some big changes in the look of the Play Store, which introduced the Material Design even more. However, it seems that this is still not enough, as the latest version of the app further renews the interface, eliminating nearly every trace of color.

As we have seen previously on other Google apps, yet another redesign of the Play Store’s Material Design theme has eliminated almost all of the colors (green, red, and blue) in the menu bar, in favor of a completely white theme. The tabs at the top, which violated Google’s own design guidelines, have been removed and replaced by a new, lower bar.

How to install the Play Store

play store update material design 1

The new Material Design theme eliminates any hint of color. / © NextPit

The entire content feed also uses the new Google Sans font, while the “Other” button in the various carousels has been replaced by an arrow. In addition, to give a modern touch, the latest elements of Material Design have been used, including new tab indicators and buttons with rounded edges.

The first thing you can easily notice is the fact that, inside the new lower navigation bar, the “Music” tab has disappeared, probably due to a possible deprecation of Play Music in favor of YouTube Music. Finally, in the “My Apps and Games” menu, the background is now completely white, while the line separators have been removed to give it a cleaner appearance.

What is Google Play Services for?

play store update material design 2

The menu showing installed apps has also been cleaned up and sorted. / © NextPit

How to get the new Material Design theme for the Play Store

To get the new Material Design theme you will need to install version 15.1.24 (you can download it through APK Mirror at this link). Once you’ve done this, you’ll need to access the app settings, clear the cache, and force close it.


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