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Adventurous and Thrilling Snorkeling Tour in Cab San Lucas

Baja Snorkel provides users with luxury snorkeling and day trip snorkel cabo by offering all Snorkel equipment and taking you directly to the best snorkeling spots in the area. Plus great photo opportunities on this snorkeling tour.

USA, May 19 2022:  We are a famous 5-star tour company popular for the best journey and adventure. In our cabo san lucas snorkeling tours, guests can swim with sea lions, whale sharks and other aquatic creatures. We abide our guests to the Sea of Cortez for amazing experiences and adventure. The Sea of Cortez is called the world aquarium due to its biologically diverse marine environment. We have professional and experienced marine biologists. Our marine biologists will be the host or hostess of our guests during snorkeling and other sea adventure. In addition, we have been implicated in several fun movements such as paddleboarding, kayaking, scuba and strolling remote beaches.


Book our private yacht and charter if you are ready to experience the best adventure and thrill in La Paz. We offer premier public excursions and liveaboard exploratory. Our guests can explore the remote beaches and islands with us. In our snorkeling la Paz, we make sure that our guests experience the best moments with us. Are you ready for a memorable and thrilling tour in La Paz? Then choose us. We have years of experience in tour planning and provide the best tour to all our guests. The yacht has luxury amenities such as a private bathroom, an open bar, sleeping cabins, a kitchen galley, indoor and outdoor resting areas, etc. 


We plan a shared tour in a private yacht and charter. Thus, if you are looking for an adventurous tour in La Paz and Cabo, we can help you. One call is enough to book a tour with us. If you are ready for an exceptional tour, then who is stopping you. We offer snorkel gear, wet suits, kayaks, and paddleboards, an assist boat, reef-friendly sunscreen, bottled water, beer, sodas.


Explore our site You can also grab more information about our services by contacting our team at 214-974-0501. 


Baja charters is a United States tour company that offers premier excursions in the private catamaran and yacht.




Phone: 214-974-0501


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