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4R Systems and Frogmi Join Forces in End-to-end Store Operations

4R, an innovator in Supply Chain Management software, and Frogmi, a provider of comprehensive cloud mobile-web solutions that optimize store operations, will be joining forces to meet the complex and changing requirements of store operations and task management. This partnership offers retailers a way to improve store-level inventory positioning and availability through task management, resulting in optimizing sales.

Inventory is a retailer’s largest investment. Retailers struggle to manage products at the item level, improve out of stocks and lower carrying costs at each location. As retailers attempt to be responsive by providing customers with what they need, when they need it, and where they need it, they are continuously employing demand and assortment planning and rapid replenishment strategies to match supply and demand.

Even then, there are times when inventory levels are not what they seem – items that appear to be on-hand but are not actually available for purchase. This situation is known as Phantom Inventory and the disconnect results in lost sales. Connecting corporate strategies with store operations through advanced analytics and mobile solutions is critical to mitigating these lost sales.

In combining the 4R Phantom Inventory solution with Frogmi’s 360° Store Operations Approach, there is a unique offering to retailers that enables them to transform store operations and improve inventory positioning and availability resulting in fewer lost sales. “Partnering with Frogmi really gives our clients an advantage by improving data at the store level, therefore improving product in-stock positions while enhancing store operations. This helps us provide the best inventory visibility.” Mark Garland, President and CEO at 4R.

The 4R – Frogmi integrated solution:

Points store associates to potential issues like Phantom Inventory, damaged or expired inventory, or incorrectly tagged and placed items
Prioritizes store associates’ time on the most impactful tasks, creating an efficient workflow, and fostering good habits
Maintains an automatic feedback loop between the actual store and POS system, creating more accurate inventory management and SKU-Store level
Connects communication between corporate and store operations, keeping strategic initiatives and store operations and performance in synch
“At Frogmi, we aim to empower store associates with new capabilities, simplify and automate processes, and provide visibility. Thanks to the integration of our task management platform with the robust analytics provided by 4R, retailers can identify operational gaps in their stores, create a data-based decision-making process, and focus efforts on actions that generate the most significant impact.” Pablo Godoy, CEO, Frogmi.

With the on-going supply chain uncertainties and labor shortages, the 4R–Frogmi partnership offers retailers a better way to connect corporate strategies to store operations to minimize these challenges, create positive customer experiences and drive sales. The new relationship will be effective immediately.

About 4R
4R is a software platform and services implementation company that focuses on client needs for supply chain automation and benefits realization. 4R SaaS services focus on the high-value processes for optimizing supply chain and inventory management across the core functions: Demand Planning, Replenishment, Assortment, Allocation and Markdown.

4R has the software and retail industry knowledge required to configure and optimize both supply chain efficiencies and ROI at the individual product level. For over 20 years, our Machine Learning and AI-powered solutions have been designed to help stores and brands refocus supply chains, regain revenue, revive the customer experience, and refine inventory strategies.

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