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Washington Technical Institute Launching 8 New Online Certificate Programs

Washington Technical Institute (WTI) is excited to announce the launch of eight new fully online certificate programs. These certificate programs in technology and healthcare were designed to fit the needs of the expanding market and exceptional growth outlook. All new programs are listed as having a growth outlook as “faster than average” or “much faster than average” according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics ( Some have growth of over 30% between 2020 and 2030. WTI is excited to provide these new fully online, self-paced certificate programs to help meet that demand.

Beginning in the spring of 2022, Washington Technical Institute will begin enrolling in the following new certificate programs:

Full-stack Development
Web Development
Database Management
Software Development
Software Development
Computer Science
Health Services Management
These programs will join the exceptional online technical training courses WTI is known for in the fields of legal studies, healthcare, business, and information technology. While each program has a completion deadline, the courses are self-paced and developed with current curriculum that will help prepare students to excel in their chosen fields. WTI has highly qualified instructors and staff that support students through their studies. While WTI plans to maintain a self-paced curriculum, they will be utilizing more instructor-led discussion and activities in three of our newest programs, full-stack development, web development, and database management. Instructors will connect with students and create activities designed to produce stronger student outcomes in these online courses.

As WTI’s CEO Rod Clarkson said recently, “Education should center on knowledge building, not time spent in a classroom. We want WTI students to get a quality education in the shortest time possible. This allows them to advance in their careers in months, not years.” Supported by responsive staff and exceptional resources, students have everything they need to move through the program in a pace that allows them to access and retain the material needed to be successful in the field.

“We don’t want students to spend time struggling with the basics. We keep our platform and the material as straightforward as possible. We want their experience to be a positive one and one that gets them excited for their next steps. Because of that, we also want to do our best to provide programs at a cost that make it possible for our students to complete their programs with little to no debt,” said Charlie Buehler, WTI Director of Operations. Between reasonable tuition, lender partnerships, employer tuition reimbursement, and other sources, WTI students are set up for success and can enter the workforce without having to navigate a mountain of debt.

Most programs at WTI have daily starts and the full-stack development, web development, and database management programs have bi-weekly starts. WTI’s online programs have completion times of four to sixteen months which allows flexibility for students to complete their programs at a time and pace that works for them.

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