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Trilix Acquired by Blackburn Labs

Rhode Island-based Blackburn Labs, an award-winning company offering custom software and data literacy solutions, announced its acquisition of the Trilix brand and its Software Application Division. Additionally, Blackburn Labs formed a powerful partnership with the business consulting firm Dirigo. Dirigo and the Business & Technology Consulting Division of Trilix will merge into a hyper-focused business consulting firm under the Dirigo brand.

This acquisition, merger, and partnership officially takes effect on March 1, 2022, and will extend tremendous value to all stakeholders. By welcoming the exceptional team of developers from Trilix into its own, Blackburn Labs will form an unstoppable elite force in the software development industry. Clients can be excited about the new level of talent available to them and be confident in Blackburn Labs delivering the superior support they are known for. With Blackburn Labs’ proven leadership, clients can be assured they will achieve great strides and make meaningful impacts through their current and future software projects.

As two organizations with aligned values, the Blackburn Labs and Dirigo partnership will be a catalyst in broadening their already impressive and expanding portfolios by sharing each other’s offerings with present and potential clients. Both organizations are known for being part of projects that make a difference and for embracing a company culture that is employee and client-centric. This transition stacks the right expertise with the best organizations to accelerate their growth and provide the absolute best to clients.

“We founded Trilix in 2017 to build custom software solutions for clients aiming to improve process and engagement with their customers. In 2021, Trilix experienced a banner year and is honored and grateful to have served our many clients who have supported our growth and company over the years — so thank you! Now, Blackburn Labs will continue the legacy and carry the software development torch to even greater heights!”

— Tim Hebert, CEO & Founder of Trilix & Author of The Intentional Leader

“The team at Blackburn Labs has had the pleasure of working alongside Trilix in the past. So we are familiar with the dedication to quality and customer care they possess, and that it matches our own. We are excited and grateful for this opportunity, and we look forward to adding Trilix’s strengths to our own.”

— Rob Blackburn, CEO of Blackburn Labs

About Trilix
Trilix is a software development and business consulting firm helping clients reach breakthrough growth. Trilix helps mid-market organizations strengthen their approach to strategy, execution, and culture so they can achieve dynamic, lasting transformation. Made up of a team of senior-level strategists, innovators, developers, and trailblazers, Trilix helps clients drive favorable business outcomes.

About Dirigo
Dirigo is a leadership consulting firm with a reputation for helping organizations develop, grow, and transform. Their clients value an outside perspective to move past blockers pausing their ability to achieve organizational goals and team excellence. Dirigo strives to make a unique difference through leadership guidance, experiential workshops, and project-oriented consultation.

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