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TikTok and ‘I Can See Your Voice’ Star Travis Yee Releases New Single and Music Video

Today, Travis Yee, the TikTok star fondly known as the “Asian Country Singer,” is releasing his next single “She’s Changing.” Yee rose to fame on TikTok for his country music-centric videos and has accumulated over 908,000 followers since he joined the platform. Yee was also featured on Fox’s “I Can See Your Voice” as “The Cowboy,” and has previously released two original singles in addition to several covers. “She’s Changing” marks the artist’s third original release.

Written by Yee, “She’s Changing” tells the story of two people in a relationship growing apart. The hard-hitting upbeat track will take listeners through the journey of realizing something that was once so good is fading, highlighting the want to hold on for as long as possible. The melodic verses will transport listeners into a time in their lives where change was inevitable and the soaring chorus will fill audiences with the emotion that comes with being faced with an evolving relationship. “She’s Changing” not only showcases Yee’s abilities as a singer but as a songwriter as well asserting himself as a force in the country music scene.

“Sometimes it’s hard when you put so much into a relationship because you really do care about the other person and you think the other person feels the same,” says Yee. “Then when you find out they haven’t felt the same or want to move on, it hurts even more because it’s hard to look past all the good times and memories that were lived.”

Not only does the song mark Yee’s third release, but “She’s Changing” was also the third song the artist ever wrote. Yee first began writing the song in 2017 and is now deciding to share it with the world. To celebrate the momentous release, Yee will also be releasing a music video for the single. The music video, created entirely by Yee, displays the emotion of the song while transporting audiences into the situation through its simplicity and rawness. The video further demonstrates the creativity and thought Yee brings to everything he releases and will remind audiences of the beloved TikTok content Yee is so fondly known for.

“The idea for the music video is just me singing to the camera in my room, but the girl that I’m with (in the video) doesn’t notice me. She’s doing her own thing and as I’m talking about her and talking to her, I’m not there.”

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