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The Olive Corporation Could Be the Next Big Thing in Crypto, the Metaverse and the Food Sector

Everyone would agree that the metaverse is a novel concept that is only going to become more popular as time goes on. Even now, many international companies from a variety of backgrounds such as Samsung, Emirates Airlines, and even JPMorgan have all gotten involved with the metaverse, so it is safe to say that this idea is not going away anytime soon.

Moreover, Olive is developing a metaverse that will begin with colleges, which are significant clients for the MZ generation. The objective is to boost the use of OLIVE tokens and to broaden the worldwide ecosystem by making the school metaverse and Olive Wallet Web compatible with one another.

How does it work?

Lastly, there is the Points Integrated Service. Here, by allowing membership points offered by each business to be actively employed without pointless extinction, Olive seeks to serve consumers convenience and build synergy via complementary development among online delivery food enterprises.

What about partnerships, accomplishments and future goals?

BBQ Vietnam, Olive’s overseas division involved in global sales of BBQ, Korea’s #1 chicken brand, is Olive’s representative F&B chain partner. Additionally, the team has established collaborations with AC CAPITAL and five additional overseas venture capital firms. For F&B partners, Olive is in negotiations with over 100 well-known franchise organizations to execute business agreements before the end of 2022.

Regarding past achievements, Olive has secured commercial partnerships with ten food and beverage companies, including BBQ, venture capital firms as well as various colleges, and has even produced Olive Wallet 1.0. The team is also planning to launch a metaverse platform which can be linked to various other platforms.

The key objective though is to encourage providing meals in order to acquire client satisfaction. The next major task is to thus secure points and customers by introducing financial mechanisms such as deposits as well as installment savings.

Is it worth it after all?

Ultimately, what a great idea it would be to allow consumers to swap their valuable points for Olive tokens at over 3,000 BBQ establishments in 20 countries across the world, including Korea, the United States, and Europe. That’s how the Olive project got its start.






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