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The First Asexual Dating App Was Launched for Ace Date & Platonic Relationships

Those who are asexual may have a hard time finding a date and opening up about their orientation.

 AsexualCupid is a popular online asexual dating portal, and they have now launched their dating app. The app is likely to be a massive hit among those who are looking to have platonic relationships.

A lot of people these days are looking to find matches online, as it is a great way of exploring different people and finding the right match. Those who are asexual may have a hard time finding a date and opening up about their orientation. This is why it is websites like AsexualCupid that allow people to freely date such person who would still like to date them.

Andy Wang, the CEO of the site was quoted as saying, “With our website, we wish to help asexuals find the right soulmate. Even when they don’t want to indulge in sex, they still seek a partner they could converse and connect with. Having the right partner makes it easy to cruise on the meandering lanes of life; our app and site aim at offering exactly that.”

With AsexualCupid, one will be able to find like-minded people who may be looking for asexual relationships themselves. The app will be packed with several features that will make sure that anyone using it will be able to find the right match. The focus had been on making it as interactive as possible, and this is how members are able to explore through the amazing options and find the soulmate they are really looking forward to.

The developers of the app have left no stone unturned to ensure that thier app is feature rich and comes with the right kind of design that is sure to help people enjoy the use of this app. They are hopeful that their app will attract a lot of members and will become a rage among the users.

As there are quite a lot of asexual people, it is apps like these that can turn out to be handy for them. Those who would like to explore more details about this app should make it a point to check out

About AsexualCupid

AsexualCupid is a popular online dating portal that has over 100,000 asexual members and 1,000 + verified asexuals. The site comes with several amazing and interactive features that aim at helping people seek their partner who too could enjoy asexual relationships.


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