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The Best Cleaning Products Manufacturers In The UAE

Bioneatgcc is one of the best and reliable waste management cleaner, Healthcare Cleaning Products, Water treatment Cleaner, Organic Laundry Detergent supplier, cleaning and disinfecting liquid Manufacturer.

With Covid-19 still spreading readily in our communities, now is not the time to become complacent regarding cleaning, sanitization, and disinfection in our homes and workplaces. Even as vaccination numbers climb, minor signs show that the infection will disappear. Instead, we will have to live with the virus while keeping our surroundings disinfected to reduce the rate of spread of the virus. However, in the process of cleaning  & disinfecting our premises, we have given little thought to the risks posed by the eco-friendly products that we are using.


Many people believe that things they buy off the shelf are ecologically beneficial because they have been certified for sale by governments. However, we continue to learn more about the potential health risks of cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting solutions. The product label must specify only the active ingredient compounds in sanitizers, disinfectants, and fungicides that kill bacteria, viruses, or mold. When cleaning product labels, manufacturers are not obligated to list all components. The government does not control terms like “natural,” “non-toxic,” and “green” that appear on cleaning product labels. According to studies, cleaning products labeled with these phrases often contain the same amount of harmful chemicals as traditional cleaning products. If you search for the best Cleaning Product Manufacturers in UAE, then Bioneat is the best.


Here at Bioneat, we want to ensure that we do our part to look after our clients’ health and prevent any harmful chemicals from leaching into the environment when we disinfect surfaces. Our disinfection process uses ionized aerosolized hydrogen peroxide that attaches itself to surfaces and kills pathogens on the surface. The ionized particles also quickly adhere themselves to surfaces & do not linger in the air for extended periods, reducing the chances of inhaling large quantities of the aerosolized disinfectant. The disinfectant solution is bleach-free & non-corrosive, requiring no rinsing or removal after application. It is converted to oxygen and water vapor as it disinfects the surface, minimizing the impact, if any, on the environment.


We use durable, long-lasting chemically bonded residual antimicrobial coating containing a quarternary-based organo-silane compound. This scientifically proven chemical formula is unique because it relates chemically at the molecular level to any surface to which it is applied. Our technology is the obvious choice to limit environmental pollution and the development of resistant organisms due to its unique mode of action & inability to migrate from a treated surface. Our products are non-toxic to humans, animals, and the environment—we are the best products for home and office cleaning purposes. Backed by a global investment initiative, Bioneat strives to transform & improve the quality of urban living.

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