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The 36 Best Lifestyle Blogs to Model for Success in 2022

Looking for a list of the best, most popular lifestyle blogs to inspire your best life?

Thinking about starting your own lifestyle blog?

Maybe you’re excited by the idea of sharing your unique interests and experiences but grapple with pesky start-up uncertainties, like:

The blogosphere harbors a boatload of sites in this niche, but only a fragment of lifestyle bloggers are crushing it.

Your blog’s success depends on following their lead, so we’ve assembled a mega-dose of inspirational best-of-the-best lifestyle blogs that’ll springboard your dreams and ideas into your own winning blog formula.

But first, let’s define what we mean by a lifestyle blog.

Lifestyle blogs are magazine-like websites that share and promote daily life experiences and perspectives from an individual or group of like-minded people.

Subject matter of the lifestyle blog niche covers a diverse range of human interests and passions including (but not limited to):

Of course, anyone can start a lifestyle blog. But why should you?

If you want your thoughts and ideas to be heard, an exclusive blog platform provides a terrific forum for you to explore your passions while sharing your unique personality with others.

But wait. (That’s not all!)

There’s a second element to lifestyle blogging that sweetens the deal!

Lifestyle blogs provide opportunities to draw some passive income while writing about activities and things you already love.

There are several creative ways to monetize a blog.

Most commonly, lifestyle blogs make money by advertising brands that align and resonate with the lifestyle they promote.

We’ll note some additional strategies that a lifestyle blogger may employ to monetize their site in our featured list.

To inspire and expand upon your ideas for your own site, let’s dive into our list of top lifestyle blog examples for some insights into what makes them successful.

Started in 2014 by blogger Kate Arends, this blog has blossomed into a one-stop women’s resource and guide for defining who they are, and how they want to live!

Lifestyle blogger and self-proclaimed “oversharer”, Lauryn Evars Bosstick doles out the dirt on topics that more conservative bloggers may consider taboo, like manscaping, hangover tips, and talking to your kids about sex.

Fast-forward to last year, she transitioned from designing her Gal Meets Glam dress collection to curating fashions that celebrate femininity.

Women find refined inspiration in her “Daily Looks” collection, a beautifully photographed chronicle of Julia’s classic style.

Blogger Joanna Goddard’s career as a print and blog editor for syndicated magazines naturally paved the path for sharing content for women through her hobby-turned-full-time blog.


When they’re not crafting, the two share new recipes, talk about family life, and experiment with hair styles, beauty tips, and fashion updates. Sister stuff!

Followers benefit from Amber’s inspirational beauty posts and wildly popular Barefoot Blonde hair styling tutorials on her Instagram account.

Her objective is to help women “find the confidence to travel the world,” but even devoted homebodies become captivated by Kiki’s worldly explorations and expert travel advice.

Her unique “Start Here” guide through the site also explains the process of planning, packing, and preparing for travel. Genius!

Relatable millennial blog topics (like yoga pants, baking chocolate chip cookies, and traveling with children), create a sense of an engaged community with conversation and support among friends.

Emma Norris knows how to get sh*t done while acknowledging that perfection is an unrealistic goal.

A Girl in Progress helps followers attain their personal goals, enhance their productivity skills, and maintain accountability, through blog posts, group coaching, in-person events, and organized social media group communities.

This digital magazine intentionally “shakes the status quo” to “champion a new definition of luxury”.

In the business section, you’re invited to become inspired and empowered through insider information from reliable sources in the luxury industry.

Insightful, candid luxury brand collaboration posts stimulate your desire to surrender to the amenities and indulgences of an extravagant lifestyle.

Her elevated sense of style informs and inspires followers with delicious recipes, elegant home decor, and entertaining inspiration to inject style into everyday life.

Readers also enjoy career and financial advice and catch reviews of the latest trends and consumer products.

If you thrive on keeping up with fashion and lifestyle trends, celebrity exclusives, or other current events, check out this distinctive, award-winning site.

Recently, Ree announced plans to expand their content offering to include home decor and shopping features.

Judging from the current popularity of Pioneer Woman branded food and home products on the market, her natural warmth and charm has influenced folks to “be like Ree”.

One of the more comprehensive blogs for women, it literally has every girl in mind.

In addition to typical lifstyle blog topics, you’ll find exclusive content for plus-size fashion, black lives matter, sex toys, weekly news summaries, and bingeworthy tv. The free downloadable tech backgrounds are cool, too.

Brian Sacawa acts as your secret sophisticated friend, schooling men with “required reading” on need-to-know lifestyle tips like cigar lounge etiquette and how to hold a champagne glass!

Followers are blessed with succinct, motivational book reviews, reading lists, travel guides, and diy project suggestions.

Posts about beauty and fashion trends, home and healthy living round out the main topics on this site.

Followers on the twenty-something site have a unique opportunity to submit specific questions for her advice column.

Camille’s all-women team of authoritative editors and contributors is a Who’s Who collection of passionate experts on women’s topics.

Regardless of wellness goals, homemaking, or entertaining interests, women followers rely on comprehensive subject matter that’ll enhance and enrich their busy lives.

Former litigator, Kat Griffin, recognized that professional women lacked the time or energy to assemble office-appropriate wardrobes.

Effortlessly search her artfully photographed recipe collection by category, ingredient, specialty, or dietary restriction to find some simple yet delightfully delicious options to prepare at home.

Her e-book and destination posts prove that healthy travel is possible, even with dietary restrictions!

Since its 2008 inaugural newsletter featuring the actress’s two health food recipes, the Goop brand has expanded into clean beauty products, curated wellness products, and fashion.

Blog followers enjoy a range of probing women’s lifestyle topics and guest posts including sexual health, parenthood, and sustainable living.

Goop engages followers through Facebook groups, live virtual book club conversations, health summits, podcasts and the new Netflix show, “The Goop Lab”.

Inspired to get your blog started?

Here’s a quick and condensed how-to:

Further information:

Further reading:

Further reading:

Further reading:

Still up for the challenge?

Many lifestyle bloggers launch into prosperity by simply offering readers the information, inspiration, and items that they need or want.

Follow their lead!

Blend your personal passions with subject matter that captivates and inspires your audience. Soon, your new lifestyle blog will soar together with other great blogs.

Show your audience the lifestyle they seek, and they’ll follow.

And buy from you.

And soon, you’ll be living the lifestyle you seek!

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