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8 great tips for Android 8 Oreo you need to know

Each new Android version introduces several innovations, some of which are far from obvious. In this article we show you

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10 awesome gestures to improve your Android user experience

Contrary to popular belief, Android is a system full of hidden gems. Some can be found by performing a few

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Why smartphones overheat, and how to stop it

Smartphones will warm up from the moment you switch them on; this is unavoidable and mostly safe. But phone overheating

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How to connect an iPhone or Android smartphone to your TV

You can broadcast the screen of your iPhone or Android smartphone on your TV by connecting them with or without

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What to do if your phone won’t turn on: A step by step guide

If you've ever asked yourself, ''why won't my phone turn on?'' you're not alone. Even if you're a professional Android

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