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Sound Realigns Residential and Supported Housing Programs

Sound, one of the largest providers of quality behavioral and whole healthcare in King County, announced a realignment of services with two of its housing-related partnerships. This adjustment is a key step in redirecting Sound’s resources to serve the most vulnerable populations and address an overwhelming community need for behavioral health services.

The organization is modifying its current King County residential service contract to focus wholly on serving the highest needs behavioral health residents with severe medical issues.

Sound also announced that it is adjusting its partnership with the Low Income Housing Institute (the contract is with King County Housing, Homelessness and Community Development) proposing an alternative, responsive community outreach model, delivering support to LIHI residents as requested.

Overall, these changes better align with Sound’s areas of expertise and optimize limited staffing resources. There will be no layoffs and all staff will be reassigned within the organization’s outpatient and residential treatment facilities.

The pandemic has forced providers, like Sound, to re-evaluate organizational strategies and how they will dedicate increasingly limited personnel and financial resources to best serve the community.

Sound will work closely with both partners, ensuring that the transition is smooth and that residents are relocated to settings most appropriate to their needs.

“After a careful and thoughtful process by Sound leadership,” said Sound President & CEO Patrick Evans, “this decision assures Sound’s sustainability, aligns our services optimally to our areas of expertise, empowers us to optimize our staff’s talents and ensures that we will continue to serve our community’s most vulnerable and at-risk people. In making this decision, our intention is to continue being a significant partner to both organizations and be fully engaged in this transition.”

The realignment enables Sound to accelerate its focus on serving more behavioral health residents through Enhanced Service Facilities (ESF), 16-bed community-based residential settings authorized by the Washington state legislature for individuals with complex behavioral health and medical needs.

About Sound

An independent, private nonprofit for more than 50 years, Sound has served the most complex addiction and behavioral health issues in our community, providing high-quality, comprehensive whole health services throughout the region. Sound is currently providing expanded telehealth services and provides primary care in a number of locations. The organization is an early adopter of Reaching Recovery, an evidence-based clinical model that promotes high levels of client engagement, improves outcomes and enables providers to better measure a client’s recovery. Sound stands at the forefront of the healthcare field, accepting the most difficult cases and exploring new approaches to care. Our goal is to help individuals and families achieve the highest level of independence possible by providing whole health solutions, including addiction treatment, mental health, vocational, supportive housing and many other services.

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