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Revry Releases New Data on LGBTQ+ Audience Growth in Streaming on Connected TV

Revry Viewership Grows 5x in 2021 Fueled by Growth of Samsung TV Plus and Attracts Major Advertisers for 2022

Revry, the LGBTQ-first streaming media company, released new viewership data on the increase in LGBTQ+ consumers streaming across its distribution partners, showing the growth in audiences in LGBTQ-first programming. The latest data from Revry’s distribution, including FAST partners Samsung TV, Roku and Vizio TV, reveals a 5x growth in monthly active viewers to over 20M viewers in 2021. The growth is fueled by a 6x growth in Samsung TV Plus viewers.


“Our exclusive focus on programming for the LGBTQ+ consumer aligns with the demand for visibility and representation of the stories of our community, ” says Revry CEO Damian Pelliccione. “We have created a brand-safe environment to speak directly to the LGBTQ+ consumer in a meaningful way.”


Following along with the growth of FAST audiences, Revry expects audiences on LGBTQ-targeted media to outpace the reach and effectiveness of mainstream media’s ability to reach same-sex and LGBTQ+ allied households. According to Gallup 2021 data, 18.5 million of the U.S. population, 5.6%, identify as LGBTQ+ up from 4.5% in 2017 with 980,000 same-sex couple U.S. households. Revry is forecasted to reach a majority of these households by the end of 2022.


This growth has continued to attract major advertisers for 2022 as Revry represents a partner to help advertisers in getting the message correct and ensuring advertisers appear in a measurable and brand-safe environment.


Revry recently announced in February, a series of LGBTQ-first programming called “10 Days of Valentine’s Brought to You By McDonald’s” featuring fan-favorite celebrities including Leslie Jordan, Whoopi Goldberg, Kathy Najimy, Morgan Fairchild, Nicole Sullivan, and Caroline Rhea. This program marks the second year McDonald’s is working with Revry to ensure authentic and brand-safe reach to the LGBTQ+ community through targeted programming at scale.


Revry is the LGBTQ-first streaming media network with over 5,000 titles on free TV, movies, series, news and exclusive Original programming. Its mission is to inspire exploration of LGBTQ content for the community and allies. Revry is led by a diverse founding team with technology, digital media, and LGBTQ advocacy experience. Revry reaches millions of global viewers on connected TV, Smart TV, OTT and mobile platforms including Samsung TV Plus, Vizio Watch Free, Roku, Rakuten TV, Apple, Comcast Xfinity, Xumo, Google, TiVo, and many others.

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