Backup Header Below Launches Free Online Ordering System for Restaurants in the US has just been launched to help American restaurants to enjoy a feature-rich and streamlined ordering system that comes with no setup or monthly fees.

The European-based platform at wants to help restaurants overcome the challenges and impact brought by COVID-19-related restrictions. “Many restaurants went under, and others struggled and did their best to survive, but delivery platforms have been eating away up to 35% of each sale they make,” said Daniel Dana Lindberg, CEO of

The software allows restaurants to make the most of a simplified and free take-away, delivery, table reservation, and QR ordering system. “This is a completely free system with no setup, monthly or transaction fees, freeing up resources and profit margins for restaurant businesses while still offering increased efficiency,” Lindberg stated.

In the U.S., DoorDash, Grubhub, and UberEats may take up to 35% of the turnover of the restaurants that use these third-party services. Their features are also more limited than those now brought by

The company also offers restaurants professional assistance with creating marketing campaigns and premium websites, choosing and installing POS systems, and providing access to digital payment terminals such as Stripe. These are the add-on paid services that platform users may purchase.

“We have a world of new tools and resources that extensively experienced industry insiders have created. We want to help American restauranteurs, from small operations to larger brands, to thrive in a challenging context where the latest yet affordable technology can dramatically improve the success rate of restaurant businesses,” the CEO further observed.

The platform is now open for business at Daniel Dana Lindberg, the company’s CEO, can be reached via email


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